Charlie Carver Is About Celebration Of Ourselves & Our Community

Whether it’s as one of the mischievous Scavo boys on Desperate Housewives or as the innocent and heartfelt Cowboy in the Netflix re-imagination of The Boys in The Band, Charlie Carver’s various character portrayals showcase a performer that practically jumps off the screen. Carver has that quintessential and much sought after “it” factor. Most recently seen in The Batman, Carver is now bringing his camera-ready charisma to the new ad campaign for the queer owned fragrance & candle company, Boy Smells.

Joined by Hacks breakout star Meg Stalter, Carver is “Gay Adam” to her “Bisexual Eve”. The ad campaign has them joined by a slithering live python as he and Stalter take turns feeding each other pieces of fruit. Some of Carver’s best assets are on display, as he is decked out only in the shortest of sparkling gold shorts, perfect for spending a summer day in one of the most well-known gardens in history. 


Carver told Variety that:

“Growing up, my favorite thing to do was to go into the backyard and into the creek and try to film an action movie with my brother. Then as I started to figure out a little bit more about who I was and what I wanted to do, I thought, ‘How could I be an actor and be gay and how do I reconcile those two things?’ The last job I thought I would be allowed to do would be to play some role in a giant movie, pulling out a gun and jumping off of stuff next to Batman. It was really meaningful in that way.”


Even while stripping down to his gold-toned shorts, Carver is also keenly aware of the state of affairs for the LGBTQ community presently. For Carver, it is about balancing the celebration of ourselves with the vigilance to protect our rights. He said:

“We’re living in this really scary shift where all of this anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation is starting to pass on the state level and there’s the possibility and threat of things happening on a federal level. I think it’s incredibly important to be aware and vigilant and serious about the state of LGBTQIA+ rights in this country. But you can also celebrate who you are and who we are as a community. They’re not mutually exclusive.”

Proceeds from Boy Smells’ Marble Fruit Candle and Genderful Fine fragrance benefit LGBTQ organization GLSEN throughout June and July. Find them here.

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