Charlie Puth Opens Up About Ellen DeGeneres’ Record Label

After Greyson Chance claimed that Ellen DeGeneres is “degrading” and “manipulative,” another singer-songwriter Charlie Puth opened up about how the television host’s record label treated him.


Puth recently made an appearance in an episode of Rolling Stone Music Now, and he revealed that the team of the record label eleveneleven allegedly “disappeared” after signing him in 2011.

“Not putting any blame on one person, but from a collective… all the people that were in that room, they just disappeared. I didn’t hear from anybody,” the 30-year-old singer shared.

Eleveneleven was founded in 2010, and it eventually shut down in 2012. Despite his experience with the record label, Puth said some good things about DeGeneres stating,

“People describe Ellen as rude. I’ve never experienced that. Maybe she likes me.”


The “Left and Right” singer is currently signed with Atlantic Records, and he recently released his third studio album titled Charlie

“I have the support from a record label now, too. When I signed with Atlantic, their primary goal was for me to just deliver a full body of work for them, which, previously, was not the case. Before, it was all just about pumping out singles, and nobody really cared about me — they just cared about the song on the radio,” Puth expressed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly


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