Charlie Puth Talks About Being Inspired by the LGBTQ+ Culture

Charlie Puth’s album titled CHARLIE is scheduled to be released on October 7, and he talked about one of the things that influenced him in creating the album.


In a recent interview with GQ, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter revealed that passing by the West Hollywood gay clubs Pump and the Abbey inspired him to finish his new song titled “Loser.”

“Everybody was out dancing to something that’s not being played on the radio. I think LGBTQ+ culture is so ahead of its time, culturally, sonically, musically, everything-ly, that when I had a less-than-perfect song at the studio and I was by myself and I saw everybody having a great time, I literally heard a different song in my head. I rearranged the whole thing, I drove back to the studio, I was so inspired,” Puth shared.


The “Left and Right” singer also denied queerbaiting allegations, explaining that his online thirst traps aren’t meant “to antagonize anybody.” He insists that he’s just showing off the result of his hard and expensive Los Angeles workouts expressing,

“These gym sessions are expensive in LA!”

Puth further addressed his raunchy online posts admitting,

“I am very horny. All the time.”


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