Chasten Buttigieg Creates a Thirst Trap From Photo of Pete Shirtless

Chasten and Pete Buttgieg (Photo Credit: Chasten Buttigieg Official Instagram Account)

Most of us gay men knew Pete Buttigieg was a hottie but didn’t realize how hot he really was until we saw this photo taken of him by husband Chasten presumably over the weekend. The photo shows the Secretary of Transportation post-workout wearing a pair of gym shorts and no shirt. The photo, which was posted to an Instagram story from Chasten, also shows that the temperature was 80 degrees but that wasn’t the only thing that was hot and thus, Chasten had inadvertently created a thirst trap.

The picture of Pete was scooped up by Tim Hogan, former communications director for Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, and posted on his Twitter account on Sunday, July 25. 


The comments on Hogan’s tweet ranged from the exact effect the photo intended.



To the haters posting memes of rats


To even more haters posting either a gif of puppets throwing up or other gifs of actors saying “eww.”


This isn’t the first time Chasten took a picture of his husband without his shirt. During Memorial Day weekend, the Secretary’s husband took a picture of Pete lounging in a chair near a lake with, you guessed it, his shirt off.

Secretary Pete Buttigieg during Memorial Day Weekend 2021 (Photo Credit: Just Jared via Chasten Buttigieg Official Instagram Account)

What do you think of the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana showing off his bare chest? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Um…. nope. To much of a nerd and the hair is it’s whole other story, not good. He definitely could use a complete makeover.


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