Chasten Buttigieg Talks About Kamala Harris, Trump Administration During Interview

Elex Michaelson Interviews Chasten Buttigieg During Fox 11 Los Angeles show, ‘The Issue Is’ (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video via Elex Michaelson Official YouTube channel)

Chasten Buttigieg had a lot to say during his appearance on the Los Angeles Fox 11 political forum, The Issue Is.  During the course of the interview with show host Elex Michaelson, the spouse of former presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, commented on his thoughts of Kamala Harris as the Democratic Vice-President nominee.

“As a teacher, I’m always thinking about what my kids are seeing and thinking…I hope soon they’ll be seeing an empathetic, compassionate, loving Vice President like Kamala Harris speaking instead of a bigoted, homophobic that we have in the White House right now.”


Buttigieg also spoke about his upcoming memoir, I Have Something to Tell You…

 “I wanted to share my story…when we share our vulnerabilities, share our truths, it makes people feel less alone.”

Buttigieg also talked about getting to know the spouses of the other presidential candidates as well as becoming friends with Dr. Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ husband.

You see the entire interview below.



Source: Elex Michaelson Official YouTube Channel

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