Chasten’s Story Inspired Other LGBTQs To Share Workplace Experiences

Chasten Buttigieg
Chasten Buttigieg (screen capture via ABC News/YouTube)

Chasten Buttigieg, husband of newly-confirmed Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, recently shared a workplace incident when he was brazenly outed by a co-worker.

What we know of Chasten’s employment history to date is that he taught theatre classes in public schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Chasten doesn’t specify where the incident mentioned took place other than a “break room.”

“I’ll never forget when an assistant manager found out I was gay in the break room, marched out onto the floor, came right up to my face and said ‘wait, is it true you’re a f**?’” Buttigieg tweeted. “Now imagine if my manager didn’t like that about me either.”

“At the time, it would have been legal in far too many places in America for them to simply show me the door,” he continued. “It is time to codify true equality for LGBTQ people and pass the #EqualityAct.”

Chasten followed that with a link to the Human Rights Campaign’s info page about the Equality Act.





The Equality Act, currently working its way through Congress, would amend existing civil rights laws o explicitly include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics. It would be the first time LGBTQ Americans would have nationwide protections against discrimination in areas of employment, housing and medical facilities.

Currently, 21 states and 5 U.S. territories have no explicit prohibitions for discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in state law.

The legislation passed in the House last week by a vote of 224-206. But the bill faces a steeper climb in the Senate as 10 Republican senators will have to vote with Democrats in order to overcome a possible filibuster. LGBTQ activists and advocates are unsure if the 10 GOP votes will be there when the time comes.

President Joe Biden has been a vocal proponent of the Equality Act promising the sign the legislation if it reaches his desk.

Chasten’s story inspired other LGBTQ people on Twitter to share their own experiences in the workplace.






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