Check Out Drage Race UK’s Brit Crew

Image via Instagram @dragraceukBBC

Drag Race UK’s Pit Crew… or rather, Brit Crew is here!

By now, a group of men sauntering around in almost no clothing is a staple of the Drag Race genre. And yes, it’s becoming a genre of its own. With Drag Race now gracing three different countries (The U.S.A, Thailand, and now the UK) and gearing up for release in two others (Canada and Australia), Drag Race is now an international sensation.

And thankfully, that also means we get multiple Pit Crews as well. While we have salivated over the many Pit Crews of America and the Thai Pit Crew of season 1, we now have the British crew to enjoy.

But who are they? What do these men look like? Look below to find out and to find their Instagram accounts.

Ashraf / @ashraf.ej

Mitch / @mitchmarion

AJ / @theonlyvelli

Matt / @mrmattlister

Archie / @tarcherne

But if Instagram isn’t enough for you and you need to see these men in motion, don’t worry! Drag Race UK is just around the corner. In fact, the show will premiere on October 3rd on BBC Three!

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