Check Out London’s Gay Men’s Chorus and Lion King Cast Sing “Circle of Life”

A gay men’s chorus is back at it again with making a viral video.

This time, it’s the London Gay Men’s Chorus. Plus, they teamed up with the cast of the Lion King, another group of singers who love videos of themselves singing in all kinds of places.

But what did these two singing groups do together? They sang a special performance of “The Circle of Life” outside the Lyceum Theatre in London.

And both groups were thrilled to have the experience.

Lindiwe Mkhize, who plays Rafiki, lead the performances and told PinkNews afterwards that:

 “Having the opportunity to collaborate with The London Gay Men’s Chorus has been a wonderful experience for us here on THE LION KING in London, and one that we were thrilled to take!

“We are incredibly proud and honoured to celebrate with the LGBT community – and the whole of London – at this joyous moment of Pride.”

In addition, Mark Kember, the Chairman of the chorus, added:

“We were thrilled by the prospect of working with Disney’s The Lion King.

“Disney and The London Gay Men’s Chorus both have such wide and eclectic audiences, so we were tremendously excited to work together on this celebration of hope, diversity and pride.

“Working with Lindiwe and the cast was a dream come true for many of our members and it was amazing to learn how we both work to achieve the same things – bringing audiences excitement and entertainment while spreading such important messages of tolerance, understanding and harmony. We really hope everyone enjoys watching the video just as much as we did making it and shares a happy and safe Pride season with us!”

You can check out the performance below:



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