Check Out Loving Photos From This Year’s Gay Pride Parade In Taipei

Marchers At The Taipei Pride Parade / Image via Instagram @Anserl0827

Many LGBTQ people and allies celebrated at Taipei's Gay Pride Parade last week as gay marriage edges closer to reality in the country of Taiwan.

Back in 2017, Taiwan’s highest court ruled that the Civil Code law defining marriage as between a man and a women was unconstitutional. This led to the reality that gay marriage will be coming to the country in 2019 at the latest.

While the slow moving of lawmakers has allowed the religious intolerant to form a referendum against gay marriage, marriage equality is still a happy possibility for the country and its LGBTQ citizens.

With that in mind, the Taipei Gay Pride Parade had a lot to celebrate. Want to see how the festivities went down? Check out the photos below.






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[11/24公投兩好三壞] [Vote for a better Taiwan] – 贊同方提出的平權公投案14、15請投同意 – 反同方用“愛家”兩字包裝的“愛家”公投案10、11、12請投不同意 ====== Whenever I see this photo, I feel very warm that my parents were willing to attend Amei’s concert just because my little brother and I are crazy about her. Since my brother and I are both gay, our parents have been striving to accept our sexual orientation. The pressure and prejudice coming from the society makes it hard to mention the matter to our friends or family. However, we have conquered lots of obstacles and become even closer to each other in the process because deep down, we know that we truly love and care for each other. – In Amei’s concert, called “Utopia”, we were surrounded by many LGBTQ members because @amit_feat_amei is not only a super popular singer but also very supportive for LGBTQ society. At that moment, our family finally let go of the constraints and revealed our true colors, which I hope that every citizen in Taiwan will have in the near future. – Marriage should be a right, not a privilege. In May 2017, Taiwan's Constitutional Court ruled that prohibiting same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and gave the government 2 years to amend existing laws to legalize marriage equality. However, there will be 5 questions related to LGBTQ rights, especially same-sex marriage and LGBTQ education, in the Taiwan’s referendum held on 11/24/2018. The outcomes might affect the future actions taken by Taiwan’s government to deal with the LGBTQ rights. – Hope that people in Taiwan have the wisdom to defend the human rights, which makes Taiwan a humanity beacon in Asia. And wish that Taiwan will become the first in Asia to realize marriage equality. – #referendum #公投 #兩好三壞 #marriageequality #婚姻平權 #utopia #烏托邦 #wearefamily #weareone #lgbtq #instagay #rainbow #humanrights #tapcpr #伴侶盟 #loveislove #taiwanpride

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