Check Out The New ‘Bad Boy’ – He Delivers!

Drew Bradley is a “Bad Delivery Boy” (screen capture)

The latest installment of the “Bad Boy” web series is here with a brand new hunky ‘bad boy.’

This seventh episode finds Artie O’Daly’s “Scott” (who also writes, produces and directs the clip) meeting with his agent “Erin” (Lyndsey Doolen) when an unexpected delivery boy (blond hottie Drew Bradley) comes knocking at the door.


Announcing he has a food delivery for Scott (actually “Daddy Scott”), bad delivery boy “George” barges in to drop off his package. 

When Scott tells George he definitely did not order any food, George sizes up the situation: “Oh, I see. Is this one of those deals where you order food so I come in and you drop your pants and try to hook up with me?”

“Cause if it is, that’s cool – but I’ll expect a tip,” he explains.

Makes sense.

Artie O’Daly is ‘Daddy Scott’ in the Bad Boy web series (screen capture)

Scott asks our bad boy to take the food and leave, but soon it’s clear George is taking more than he arrived with.

Erin invites George to sit and chat. One thing leads to another (doesn’t it always?) and soon George is peeling off his shirt as he go-go dances in silver-spangled booty shorts.

Makes sense. Or not…


Eventually, there’s always a twist in the “Bad Boy” universe, but no spoilers here. As with past episodes, O’Daly’s clever, off-kilter dialogue keeps ‘Daddy Scott’ off balance the entire time.

Hit play and check out ‘bad boy’ George in all his confusing wonder below.

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