Check Out This Cool Rugby Uniform That Turns Rainbow When It’s Stretched

Its seems that Australian Rugby player Israel Folau’s intolerant words shared on Instagram have sparked some wonderful change in the rugby league.

New Zealand union team, the All Blacks, are showing their support of LGBTQ people by donning some pretty cool clothing.

The team will now be wearing all black outfits that, when stretched, turn rainbow colored.

As shared in a statement the announce the new uniforms:

“The result is a fabric that maintains its black appearance when at rest, but when stretched, reveals the deeper grooved portions of each rib and the colors underneath.”

Then to help share the news of this change, the team, along with their sister team the Black Ferns, released a video displaying their wish to support diversity and inclusion. They then started the hashtag #diversityisstrength.

Insurance company AIG, which is the sponsor for both the All Blacks and the Black Ferns, paid for the ad and for the new jerseys.

That said, AIG didn’t come up with the idea themselves. The idea of the jersey was created by Advertising agency TBWQ/Hakubobo and AIG decided to run with it.

No matter who thought up the idea though, we're very happy to see it.

h/t: GayStarNews

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