Checking In With Some Of Our Favorite InstaHotties This Christmas

Fitness guy Nik (image via Instagram)

Spending some Christmastime checking in with some of our favorite InstaHotties:

First up, fitness guy Nik (above) is giving his Santa’s sleigh a ride on those huge shoulders.

Woofy Jose Javier is looking totally merry and bright as he waits for Santa in flannel:

Joel Green is giving you full-on Florida BlackSanta realness:

Mitch Fit got a huge sword from Santa and looks like he knows how to use it:

Super-fit paleontologist Francesc Gascó and friend want everyone to eat, smile and be happy:

ModernBearMedia is patiently waiting for their sexy Santa to arrive:

Gabriel Olivier is celebrating holiday flannel plaid, and we’re happy for it:

Simon Dunn and Felix Maisey-Curtis are looking adorable in matching stripes and their big Weiner:

ABC News reporter Gio Benitez and hubby Tommy Didario are playing the matching outfits game as well (down to the socks!):

Jim Newman got a really, really nice package from his boo:

Ramese Principe wants to know if you made the “Naughty” or “Nice” list this year…?

Photographer Michael Stokes offers his own take on elf shenanigans:

Gorgeous Steve_in_LA is spending his holidays in gorgeous Salzburg, Austria:

Rick and the Griffopotamus celebrate gay penguins with an invitation to kiss under the mistletoe:

Spanish fitness model Jonathan Guijarro is giving you sexy eyes on Christmas Day:

Max Emerson sends holiday greetings from Thailand:

We are totally loving artist Silverjow’s take on Santa Claus and reindeer: 

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