Cheer Standout Is Being Investigated For Soliciting Minors

Image via YouTube | Netflix’s ‘CHEER’ Star Jerry Harris Under FBI Investigation!

Netflix’s Cheerleading Star, Jerry Harris, Had His Home Raided By The FBI For Scary Allegations

Streaming service Netflix continues to be in hot water this week. While most of their focus is trying to do damage control for the absolutely controversial and gag worthy film, Cuties, it appears mainstream media is distracted from the network’s docuseries star who is facing serious allegations. Pre-pandemic, Netflix released Cheer, an unscripted reality show which followed cheerleading coach Monica Aldama basically building cheerleaders into superheroes. As anticipated, the series was a hit and one of the biggest and most favored personalities to surface was the flamboyant, larger-than-life, Jerry Harris. Overnight, Harris became a media darling – he stole the show and fame from other cast members. Quick to grab the shiniest object: Ellen DeGeneres promoted him on her daytime show and he was interviewing legendary actors like Brad Pitt on the red carpet for her. He was essentially about to become a mega star. Then COVID-19 shook the world and the entertainment industry has been on pause ever since. Yet, the virus couldn’t stop the avalanche of incriminating information just released about Harris.


According to Variety, Harris’ home in the suburbs of Chicago has been raided by the FBI after an investigation was launched that he was soliciting minors for sex. The allegations stem from two then-thirteen-year-old boys who claim Harris had solicited them for nude photographs and would constantly sexually harass them both online and in-person at various cheerleading events where Harris worked or attended. The alleged harassment and solicitation would last for a year. Harris, now twenty-one-years-old, was nineteen-years-old at the time of him meeting the boys. While these are still allegations, it was enough for an FBI raid- which is probably not a great sign of innocence. Still, Harris released a statement through a spokesperson denying the allegations and promising he will come out in the clear. Harris’ team states:

“We categorically dispute the claims made against Jerry Harris, which are alleged to have occurred when he was a teenager. We are confident that when the investigation is completed the true facts will be revealed.”

Harris has been banned and barred from any cheerleading events held by Varsity Brands – the organizer of the events where Harris met the alleged victims. He continues to have sponsorships from Panera Bread and American Eagle – along with a million Instagram followers, but time will tell if those stick.

Even more cringeworthy, in late June, Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, sat down for an interview with Harris in an effort to “win back the internet.” Harris and Biden spoke of racism and social injustice within the United States. Harris eventually encouraged young African Americans to vote for Biden compared to reigning President Donald Trump. Their interview has since been deleted from Biden and Harris’ social medias…but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t exist.


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