Chef Francis Legge Hopes To Slay The Snack Game On New Netflix Show

In just a few years, Scottish, London-Born Chef and dessert wizard Francis Legge has become one of the most familiar kitchen talents on culinary TV. He’s been seen on Master Chef, Chopped, Foodgod TV, and he’s one of the few Chefs on TV who did, in fact, actually beat Bobby Flay!


Francis, who Zagat has dubbed the ‘Banksy of bakers,” makes his highly-anticipated return to television tomorrow, competing on the exciting new Netflix show Snack Vs. Chef. The whimsical new offering from the groundbreaking network promises delicious fun and surprises as Francis, and fellow competitors construct elevated food creations made from well-established snack food ingredients.

As delectable as Francis’s culinary creations may be, his quirkiness, twinkling, smiling eyes, and warm Scott-Welsh accent add to his mass appeal as a TV Chef. He’s like the antithesis of Gordon Ramsey, even though they share a distinctive physical trait — strawberry blond/red hair. But Unlike Ramsey, Francis is known more for serving up quick wit and a hug, as opposed to hurling a flaming pot across the stove in a fit of rage.


All that aside, the man can cook! On Masterchef, season 5, he quickly became a standout, known for unconventional “out of the box” ideas that were peculiar but ultimately wowed judges. This fearlessness may have worked against him, though, with a seasoning misstep that led to his elimination in episode 11. But by then, he had become a fan favorite with a global following. And his star has been rising ever since.

Cooking as a profession happened unexpectedly for Francis, who explained the nonlinear career path that led him to where he is today,

 “I suppose my journey is somewhat media-based. I used to direct many drag queen music videos. I also created videos for Cazwell years ago, and I made a documentary called, The Godfather of Disco. But then, I somewhat accidentally landed as a contestant on Masterchef — and well, I became a chef! <laughs>.”


For those who follow Francis on social media — including me- we know he will wow audiences as he’s done so many times on top TV cooking shows. To get an idea of his passion and unbridled creativity, zip over to his IG account for @shortbreadsociety, where you will be seduced by images of his bold signature brand of custom-flavor shortbreads desserts. 

Francis, who openly identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, created the Short Bread Society along with his loving wife, Christine. The dynamic duo, who reside in the nearby New York City vicinity, recognized a void in what they call “proper” shortbread offerings, so they sought to change that.


Francis and wife, Christine: Goldbelly

For context, Scotland is the ancestral home of shortbread. Francis was no stranger to how beloved this dessert can be when made well. Armed with his Granny Pearl’s cherished shortbread recipes, he innovatively added a distinct NYC touch —customization. 

Francis and Christine have been organizing top-secret and private popups in New York City and Jersey City every week to display their luxurious concoctions, completely shattering the idea of traditional shortbread. And now they are available on Goldbelly, shipping their treats nearly everywhere across America. So you have no excuse to try them for yourself and taste what all the buzz is about.


It’s worth noting, too, that Francis and Christine’s passion extends beyond their business. They also lead by example with genuine philanthropy, giving to the Stonewall Gives Back initiative every year during Pride Month.

Francis shares that he hopes people tune in to Netflix’s Snack Vs. Chef on November 30th to be entertained but also to support the network’s commitment to LGBTQ visibility. He explains,


“There is also a trans woman named Luna competing on the show, and she is incredible. So Netflix is very inclusive.” 

Join me in rooting for Francis Legge as he cooks up a storm and turns it out on TV — ONCE AGAIN!

Watch the trailer below and check your local listing for Netflix’s Snack Vs. Chef on November 30th.

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