Chelsea Manning Released From Prison

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Transgender, Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Has Been Released From Prison Following A Suicide Attempt

Chances are even the country bumpkins in your hometown know about former intelligence analyst, Chelsea Manning. She has identified as transgender amid her wild offenses, which gained nationwide attention and caused her to be a headliner in the LGBTQ community. In 2010, Manning leaked classified information to WikiLeaks and included airstrike videos. Shortly thereafter, Manning was charged with many offenses, including aiding the enemy. Eventually acquitted, Manning was commuted by Barack Obama in 2017. Last year, Manning was jailed again for refusing to testify during a WikiLeaks investigation. After a suicide attempt yesterday, Manning’s freedom has been turned around.


According to NBC News, Manning, 32, has been released from prison. She was originally jailed due to not speaking to a jury regarding the WikiLeak investigation. After her suicide attempt, Judge Anthony Trenga has released her from prison as the jury she was set to appear in front of has finished their business. Despite being released, Manning is ordered to pay $256K in fines she has accrued. It may be very likely that when the Coronavirus settles, she will once again return to speaking engagements as she has gained quite a controversial fan base over the years and has strangely became a media darling. Only time will tell.

Do you believe Manning should be free after being a whistleblower of the United States?

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