Chenoweth Loves The Gays So Much, She Ended Up Dating Two Of Them!

The Broadway Legend says while she loves her gays – she’s not interested in dating or marrying one … again!

Credit: Kristin Chenoweth Instagram

Tony and Emmy award winning Broadway diva, Kristin Chenoweth (who is a longtime supporter and ally of the LGBTQ+ community) is starring in AppleTV+’s new musical comedy series, Schmigadoon!, in which she plays a homophobic wife who’s married to a closeted preacher. Chenoweth revealed that she too, just like her character Mildred – has dated a closeted gay man. Look at art imitating life!


During a recent interview in Los Angeles Magazine, Chenoweth revealed that she knew the man she was dating was gay… When he instantly recognized her designer shoes. When the interviewer asked if she ever dated a gay man, Chenoweth charmingly responded:

“Only once… He recognized my Louboutins.

When you’re dating a man and he knows the brand of your shoes, immediately break up with him and become best friends.

You know, I love my gays. I just don’t want to marry one. That’s all”.


Chenoweth also revealed in a 2012 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, that her high school boyfriend was gay too – he just didn’t know he was at the time. Host, Andy Cohen asked if she ever hooked up with a gay guy and her response:

“Define hooked up… Mmmhmmmm, but he didn’t know he was gay.

It was my high school boyfriend. I should have known when he didn’t want me to touch his hair!”.

Oh, Kristin! It happens to the best of them. I personally, was the closeted boyfriend to many girls in high school. And luckily, they took the classy route just like Chenoweth and decided to be best friends instead of faux lovers.

See Kristin Chenoweth in AppleTV+’s Schmigadoon!

Source:  Los Angeles Magazine

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  1. Or he could watch the news and saw were they sued to be the only ones with red bottoms, they may have dated other women that wore them out he could have been a shoe salesman. And we arn’t ‘HerGays’!


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