Cher Pays Her “Friend & Idol” Tina Turner An Intimate Visit

There is absolutely nothing like seeing some of our favorite divas team up, and we have been lucky enough to see the iconic Cher & Tina Turner team up a number of times on stage (who can forget their iconic Divas Live performance where they were joined by fellow icon Elton John)!? Recently though, Cher paid longtime friend Tina Turner an extended visit, and while the public was not made privy to all of the details, Cher herself shared some of the highlights (via Twitter). 


Earlier this week. Cher let the world know that she recently visited her “FRIEND & IDOL” Tina Turner, calling her the “GREATEST FEMALE PERFORMER EVER”. Based on Cher’s tweets, the longtime friends spent a raucous evening together, so much so that Cher’s last tweet of the reunion simply starts with “WHOA…MORNING”.



While their reunion earlier this week was a private affair, their last reunion on-stage was courtesy of Oprah, who joined them in Las Vegas at Caesars’s Palace. Marking their first performance together in quite some time, Oprah celebrated the event by simply saying “I do believe I’ve got the best card hand on The Strip,” she says. “Today, I’m holding a pair of queens.”. The two living legends also sat down with Oprah for an extended chat discussing fame, their memories together, and aging in the entertainment industry. 

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