Cher Promises New Music & Will Be Returning To Prime-Time TV (Kinda).

We have loved watching Cher and her support for Hillary.  If she could, I am sure she would be drive Clinton's tour bus to prove how much she supports the candidate for President.  It seems like her full time gig right now and we want her to keep it up!

What will she do once November rolls around and we elect our next President?  Besides all of her anti-Trump tweets, Cher's Twitter page had a couple of very promising tweets for her fans. 

Cher is doing what she does best, turning her attention back to her legendary music career. Cher has committed to recording a new album and is hitting the studio when she finishes her political campaigning for LGBT and Hillary Clinton.

“When I get back From 1st Leg Hill Campaign, I’ll start new CD,” she tweeted. “So EXCITED 4Get I [heart emoji] SINGING.”  Cher has previously teased fans that she wants to make a covers album of music by men.  Think Elvis, Bruce Springsteen and The Eagles tracks. –



What kind of songs do you think Cher will be putting on her new album?  Will it be all covers as mentioned?  We know some of her greatest hits have had great meaning being them.  Do you think she is getting inspired by Hillary and will do empowerment songs?  It might be the same thing.  President Hillary doing a man's job better and Cher killing the men's songs.  All I know is there had better be a kick ass dance hit on it.

With all of her work with Hillary and the new album, there won't be time to do any TV. Yes, I know we said she will return to Prime-Time TV and she will be seen there, it'll be just the old Cher along side Sonny.


Ladies and gentlemen, Cher … is returning to prime time. GetTV, the nostalgia-centric broadcaster that’s also available through several cable providers and Dish, will add three of Cher’s classic 1970s variety shows to its Monday-night rotation next month, the network announced Tuesday.

GetTV’s Cher rollout will kick off Sept. 12 with the pilot episode for The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, the 1971 CBS summer replacement series the actress-singer co-hosted with her late husband (and singing partner) Sonny Bono.

Over the next few months, TSCCH will share the 8 p.m. Monday time slot with Cher’s 1975 solo hour (Cher) and 1976’s The Sonny & Cher Show, which reunited the couple following their very public divorce. All three shows combined comedy sketches with musical performances, along with a parade of big-name guests, including Elton John, David Bowie, the Jackson 5, Bette Midler, Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Redd Foxx, Muhammad Ali and, of course, Betty White.

The return of Cher’s variety shows is a pretty big deal for variety show fans: While GetTV has aired a handful of Sonny & Cher specials since its launch three years ago, this will be the biggest prime-time exposure for the series since TV Land and VH1 aired reruns back in the late 1990s and early aughts.

To be honest, I've never seen a full episode, not even the opening.  So if you're like me, here's what we've missed. 



Will you watch the rebroadcasts?

Should she come back and do a brand new show?


h/t:  Cher's Twitter page


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