Cher Turns The Broadway Standard ‘Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe’ Into A Rallying Cry For Change In America

The historic I Will Vote livestream concert event featured everyone from Pink to Bon Jovi but the one and only Cher got to close out the event with a song beyond appropriate for the occasion, yet reworked in only the way Cher could. The song, appropriately titled ‘Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe’, was originally written by Harold Arlen and Yip Hapburn. The track was sung by Ethel Waters in one of the earliest Hollywood musicals to feature an all-black cast.

Photo Courtesy-Biden/Harris Campaign

Cher has been consistently supportive of Biden, even appearing in a Biden Victory Fund email, saying to supporters “I first met Joe Biden in 2006,” Cher wrote. “I saw a speech he’d given, and it was love at first speech. So I went to his office to grill him and I asked him really pointed questions — and unlike most politicians, Joe actually listened to me and cared about what I had to say.”


From Las Vegas to Phoenix, Cher has been campaigning for the Biden/Harris campaign consistently. (In a nod to her LGBTQ fanbase during her stop in Las Vegas, Cher even took a few moments to pay homage to the drag performers of Sin City, many of which count Cher as one of their main inspirations.) Never a fan of the current White House resident throughout his term and consistently speaking out strongly against him, Cher has chosen to focus on Biden’s leadership, experience, and the platform that he has laid out as the reason we should be electing the former Vice President as our new Commander-In-Chief.  

Photo Courtesy-Larry Edwards.(Facebook)

She recently told Stephen Colbert that when she met Biden, she asked him a question and while other politicians may have “skirted around it” he did not. She spoke to his compassion and dedication and that he “wants us to become the country that we should have become”.



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