“Chest Hair’s Ick?” Gay Twitter’s Chest Hair Trend Says No

Photo by Quinton Coetzee on Unsplash

Men are showing off their hairy chest to normalize and celebrate body hair.

In the past century, body hair has been a touchy topic in popular culture. Often, society and the entertainment/beauty businesses force the idea that we must be smooth and hairless. But, that’s not how the normal body works. Some men are hairy and their bodies are just as beautiful as anybody else’s. Thankfully, the past decade or two has seen a push for celebrating hairy chests. And now, a recent Twitter moment is expanding on that.

The moment started when social media personality Jay Hawkridge posted a tweet on Monday, May 17, saying that, “hairy chests are a massive ick.” Ironically, Hawkridge’s social media presence is based on his work to break the stigma around people living with HIV. Yet, his tweet about body hair pushed another unhealthy stigma. Thankfully, that tweet got some “massive” criticism as a response.

Disappointed in this idea that male bodies have to look a certain way to be “not icky,” men of Twitter staged a little protest. Cameras out and ready, several Twitter users took shots of themselves shirtless with their chest hair flying free.  

But don’t take our word for it, check out some of the pictures below.





2 thoughts on ““Chest Hair’s Ick?” Gay Twitter’s Chest Hair Trend Says No”

    • Let’s not do that, Merkey. My mentioning his social media presence was not to attack his HIV status but to point out the irony. Instead, let’s rise above. Let’s be better. Let’s celebrate both people with chest hair and people who live with HIV. Then, we can move on from his silly comment.


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