Cheyenne Jackson & Jason Landau Are Couple Goals in Valentine’s Posts

Cheyenne Jackson and his husband Jason Landau recently honored each other in celebration of Valentine’s Day, and their Instagram posts are beyond sweet! <3

The 47-year-old actor shared a montage of photos, looking back on his relationship with Landau, and he posted it with a heartfelt caption, writing:

“Ten years in and a lifetime to go. Happy Valentines Day my Jewish Prince. Best husband, father, friend. I love you J.”


Meanwhile, his husband and businessman Landau commented:

“I love you I love you I love you!!! @mrcheyennejackson”

Landau also posted a couple photo on Instagram, and on the caption, he wrote:


“I have never known love like this. I have never doubted our bond. Since knowing you I have been the best of myself. Thank you for everyday I get to live my life with you. Happy V day!”

The couple have been married since 2014, and they celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary in September 2022. 

“Happy 8th wedding anniversary, babe. My life changed forever when I met you ten years ago at a little 12 step meeting in Weho. We’ve weathered life’s storms side by side, moment by moment. I held you when your Dad died and you held me when it was my turn. We built a family together and worked so hard to bring our magical Ethan & Willow into the world. We’ve been through fires, wars, political upheaval, a global pandemic, and the first day of kindergarten. You’re my favorite everything, and I still miss you when I’m with you. I love you J,” Jackson expressed on his wedding anniversary post.

Landau, on the other hand, wrote:


“I never used the word luck until you, as it somehow diminished the accomplishment of something great. BUT, I change my mind. I am so so lucky. I am lucky I walked into that AA meeting that Sunday morning. I am lucky I found a man open to growing and learning with me. I am lucky for every moment you forgive me for my intense, loud and overbearing ways. I am lucky to have found a man I am more attracted to than ever. I am lucky to always want to be with you. I am lucky to know I will live the rest of my life with you. But, I am the luckiest to have been able to start a family, with these children, in this life with you as their dad. I am so so lucky! I love you more than any silly Instagram post could convey, but you need to know you married the luckiest man alive. Thank you for it all! Happy Anniversary! #8yearsbaby”

Aside from being happily married, the two of them also have adorable 6-year-old twins named Ethan and Willow.

And since we’re at it, let’s take a look at some of Jackson and Landau’s photos that are #RelationshipGoals, shall we?



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