Cheyenne Jackson Reveals He’s Had 5 Hair Transplants in 14 Years — See Pic

Credit: Cheyenne Jackson Instagram

Honesty is the best policy, in most situations, and Cheyenne Jackson proves that in one of his recent Instagram posts that dives into something very personal for him. 

The hunky American Horror Story actor shared a lengthy story on Sunday, May 24, about the real reasons behind why he’s had so many hair transplants over the years.



“I’ve been DREADING this day for 17 years,” he began. “The day when my horrible secret would be revealed. No, this gnarly scar across my head isn’t from life-saving brain surgery, nor did I narrowly survive a shark attack. It’s worse. (At least in Hollywood…) I had hair transplant surgery. 5 of them, to be exact over 14 years.”

Cheyenne discussed how he started losing his hair at 22 and how his follicle situation had a major effect on him at such a young age. “It was really emotional for me to watch it fall out & I felt less attractive & truly less like myself as the days went on, so I saved up and got my first surgery at 28. I hid it from everyone. It was painful & expensive but I started to feel better about myself.”


He “secretly” kept getting procedures as his hair continued to thin. Cheyenne then spoke about how this related to his line of work which is known for its ageist type of behavior. 

“Being a vain actor in an industry that rewards beauty, I vowed to keep this my secret forever,” he said. “I feel SO stupid saying that but it’s my truth. As if someone finding out would somehow negate my talent, or make me less viable or valuable in the world. At the beginning of every job, I’d secretly gather the hair & makeup people, dramatically close the door of the trailer, & make a big deal about REVEALING my devastating truth. Every. Single. Time. they basically said ‘ummm…yeah…so?’ NO ONE CARED BUT ME!”


So why is the father-of-two coming clean about this now? “Maybe this will inspire someone out there to share a secret they’ve been hiding, or show a scar that they’ve been afraid of anyone seeing. Let it go.”

His comments section was filled with nothing but love about his admission from celebs like RuPaul’s Drag Race star Brooke Lynn Hytes and Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy. “Love this. Love you,” Gus wrote. Four words that are so simple yet sums up Cheyenne’s message beautifully. 

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