Cheyenne Jackson Sets Insta Ablaze with Latest Thirst Trap

Cheyenne Jackson recently left the internet in a frenzy after dropping a thirst trap that leaves very little to the imagination…

(c) Instagram: @mrcheyennejackson

The 48-year-old American actor and singer simply just wanted to let his followers know that he’s back on Cameo, which is a platform that connects celebrities to their fans. On the caption, he wrote:


“This is me subtly letting you know I’m back on @cameo. link in bio”

In the sexy pic, Jackson is looking straight at the camera with that smoldering look — in all of his shirtless glory + the sweat that makes his fit bod glisten. The lower part of his body cannot be seen in the photo, leaving people with their imaginations to run wild…

Needless to say, the comments section is filled with excitement, including a couple from fellow celebs:

“Onlyfans?,” celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski wrote.


Actor and former freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy exclaimed,


“Welcome back henny!,” dancer and actor Frankie Grande also expressed.

Meanwhile, fashion designer Marc Jacobs simply commented,



“BRB signing up,” Mean Girls’ actor Jonathan Bennett wrote.

And you know what? HARD AGREE to their comments. Jackson really looks V sexy in his latest thirst trap, even his fellow celebs couldn’t help but leave comments of admiration. And on that note, dropping his hot pic here:

(c) Instagram: @mrcheyennejackson


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  1. I’d let him do me…several times!!!
    and KUDOS to all the guys who spend as much time naked as possible (and do not shave below the neck ;0 )


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