Cheyenne Jackson Shows Off His Shredded Body With A Thirst Trap Post

While he may be a father of two, Cheyenne Jackson’s classy thirst trap pictrue just reminded us that he is most definitely a Daddy!

The 45 year old actor and singer posted a shirtless selfie that showed off his “summer ready” physique. Rocking gray sweats, shredded abs and impressive bulging biceps – Jackson said in the caption that he was thankful for creative hotel room workouts, for the actresses in HBO Max’s (bingeworthy show) Mare of Easttown, his husband (Jason Landau) and for the sunny weather in Canada.

Jackson, who has been sober of alcohol since 2013, has stated in the past that he is a fan of group fitness classes. But with the pandemic and his work travels,  group fitness classes has been a challenge. So squeezing in a workout at his hotel room during mandatory quarantine (for work purposes), has certainly been paying off for him. I’m sure that chasing around his twin toddlers, Willow and Ethan, certainly burns off a few calories as well.

Credit: Jackson’s Instagram

Jackson thanked his friend Michelle Lovitt – who is the fitness advisor for Shape magazine, for helping him to create challenging hotel room workouts. Oh, and for getting him to love coconut oil in is coffee! Such a good friend.

Credit: Jackson’s Instagram
Credit: Jackson’s Instagram


It’s great to see Cheyenne looking healthy and happy. With his latest sultry pic, would you mind calling Cheyenne daddy?! Or Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty.

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