Cheyenne Jackson’s Alleged Sex Tape Leaks

The much rumored sex tape featuring hunky openly gay star of stage, television and screen Cheyenne Jackson has allegedly surfaced on the Sword (link NSFW, obviously). Though it can't quite be confirmed by the man in the video's package alone (we wish we had the ability to identify Cheyenne in that manner!), Fleshbot (link NSFW) has sleuthed its way around the Internet to deduce that, in all likelihood, the hunk in the video is the hunky well-known actor. 


First, Flesbhot points to the arm tattoo seen in the solo video, which matches the new ink found on Cheyenne's arm. Then, most promisingly, there is the split-second finish that reveals half the naked-man's face, which bares a striking resemblance to Cheyenne. At the end of the video, Cheyenne/the amateur porn star says, "Clearly, I need my boyfriend here." 


Cheyenne married last year but is about to divorce. Still, the video has been rumored for some time and could have been filmed before he and his soon-to-be-ex tied the knot. 

Think this'll help or harm Cheyenne's career?



4 thoughts on “Cheyenne Jackson’s Alleged Sex Tape Leaks”

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  2. This shouldn’t hurt or help

    This shouldn't hurt or help Cheyenne's career either way. For whether often, or once in a blue moon, what guy doesn't beat their meat? However, if it does hurt his career, then it will be nothing more than another example of the hypocrisy many companies display. Such as the one I recently experience from of all companies, the tv channel, Logo:

    Vote LogoTV For Hypocrisy


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