Chicago SlutWalk Reverses Decision And Will Allow Zionist and Religious Symbols

Chicago's annual SlutWalk has decided that it will allow Zionist symbols at the walk in August. This reverses it's decision that was announced in June that they would not allow nationalist or religious symbols.

One of the organizers, Red, said that the event would be open to all who want to participate and protest rape culture. Those that wish to display Zionist or Jewish symbols would be allowed. Red also stated that he felt they should apologize to the Jewish community.

The controversy all started back when three women were kicked out of the Dyke March in Chicago for carrying Pride flags with the star of David on it. SlutWalk Chicago stood by the decision and tweeted out on July 16th that it would ban nationalist and religious symbols. Since then, SlutWalk had reached out to Jewish and Muslim communities to let them know the walk about be inclusive. Red, feels the organization needs to do some apologizing around the tweets.

In the end, Red said of the walk, "we encourage people to bring signs and symbols that represent fighting sexism, patriarchy, rape culture, and that takes a lot of different forms for different people, and we support them in how they decide to show up for SlutWalk."

The SlutWalk will take place on August 12.

H/T: The Times of Israel 

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