Chicago White Sox Minor League Prospect Joins the LGBTQ Family

photo via Instagram, @andersoncomas10

Welcome to team Gay!

Handsome Chicago White Sox Minor League outfielder Anderson Comás, 23, just announced on his Instagram that he is an out and proud gay man exclaiming,

“I just wanna say something to those people that says that gay people can not be someone in this life, well look at me I’m Gay and I’m a professional athlete so that didn’t stopped me to make my dreams come true.”

Comás has been a part of the White Sox organization since 2017 with the goal of making the major leagues. According to Sportskeeda,

“Anderson Comas is not currently ranked in the White Sox’s top 30 prospects, so an appearance in the MLB doesn’t seem very likely right now. It’s certainly not impossible for him to get there, but Comas has an uphill battle to achieve that dream. Even top prospects don’t always pan out. It is as an incredibly difficult thing to get to the major leagues, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Comas was unable to achieve that. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if he was one of the many low-ranked diamonds in the rough that teams have now.”

Out professional athletes are few and far between so Comás coming out is a huge statement and will impact countless lives for the better. In his coming out post he spoke directly to members of the queer community telling us, “I’m doing this cause I wanna be an inspiration for those like me out there fitting for their dreams, please don’t listen to those stupid things that people say about us, fight for your dreams, believe in yourself and go for it.”

Immediately the Chicago White Sox organization tweeted how proud they were of Anderson writing, “With his social media post today, we are all so proud of Anderson and that he is comfortable sharing such an important personal part of his life so openly.” That tweet is already nearing 30k views in less than one day. 

Support poured in for the “gay and proud” athlete but… as things are in the hyper-masculine sports world with there were a shockingly large amount of bigoted, homophobic responses. Aren’t straight dudes the best!?!?

As we always say to the bigots and the haters, fuck off. As we have said for decades, “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it.”







Keep going strong Anderson!  We’re here to support you!

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Sources: Sportskeeda

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