Chilean Gay Film ‘Phantom Project’ Gets Steamy and Spooky

The ‘Phantom Project’ is a Chilean LGBTQ+ film starring Juan Cano, and the official trailer featured some steamy scenes and spooky moments, which really pique one’s interest.

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The drama fantasy movie is directed by writer and filmmaker Roberto Doveris, and it is his feature film debut. As per The Bay Area Reporter, ‘Phantom Project’ tells the story of:


“Struggling to make ends meet, Pablo (Juan Cano) takes odd acting jobs, such as being a patient for medical students, where he meets gay Cris, with whom he flirts a little, as well as participating in holistic therapy sessions. He is desperately in need of finding a new roommate with the departure of Hector, who not only owes Pablo two months of unpaid rent but also leaves behind his adorable dog Susan and several plants.”

Aside from a very interesting gay millennial protagonist, the film also features an adorable dog named Susan, a mysterious colorful cardigan, which seems to have a mind of its own, and a shapeshifting animated ghost.

All of which call for an interesting plot. Moreover, Magazine HD described the movie’s sex scenes as:

“One of the strangest sex scenes of the last years in the best possible way.”


The ‘Phantom Project’ is scheduled to arrive in theaters on October 14, and will be available on demand on October 25.


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