Chinese-Italian Man Was Murdered By His Boyfriend And Stuffed In A Suitcase

A Chinese man, 20, was allegedly murdered in his Italian apartment by his ex-boyfriend and four others.

Hu Congliang, who was known as Leo, was murdered by his 17-year-old boyfriend and the boyfriend’s friends.

Supposedly, the boyfriend tried to break up with Hu and Hu then threatened to leak naked photos of the boyfriend. That’s the alleged motive for the boyfriend and his friends murdering Hu in his Modena, Italy home.

“From what we understand so far, the punitive mission was prompted by the photographs,” deputy police chief Marcello Castello told the media.

“All five say they don’t speak Italian, which we don’t believe. They are all underage and have been utterly impassive. Just like their parents, who have been completely uncooperative.”

The police investigation has come up with the theory that the five came into the apartment and smothered Hu with a pillow in his sleep. They then stuffed the dead body into a suitcase. The five then said their goodbyes to Hu’s unsuspecting mother before leaving the apartment.

Hu’s mother, who was told by the boys that Hu had left the apartment earlier, later found the body because the suitcase was in a different spot than usual.

Despite their unwillingness to cooperate, all five minors are being questioned by police.

h/t: GayStarNews

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