Chris Mears Talks Olympics & 5% Chance To Live In New Bridgestone Campaign.

We see the hot bodies, the small speedos and we think, wow, what a life these Olympic divers must lead.  Yes, we know there is a lot of training, hard work, and dedication, but when it comes to male figures and specimens, Olympic divers have always been in the top three.

Bridgestone recently tapped into our love of one such diver and used it to the company's advantage in a new advertising campaign.  We don't mind at all.  A chance to see Olympic champion Chris Mears in a speedo again?  We'll take it! 

But Bridgestone is not using just his sex appeal and gold medal to sell tires.  The company has titled its new campaign "Chase Your Dreams: No Matter What." 

At Bridgestone we celebrate the spirit of perseverance. The fighters and the battlers. Those who overcome adversity and stay the course to reach their goals.

Whether it’s Olympic glory or something closer to home, we want to help
you chase your dreams, No Matter What.

Daley Thompson, Chris Mears, and Charley Hull make up the three athletes highlighted in the new campaign.  Here is Chris's video titled "Chris Mears: Out of the Depths."



Diving sensation Chris Mears overcomes personal loss and life threatening illness to win Olympic gold.


Chris Mears is no stranger to struggle. After a competition in 2009, he was rushed to hospital where he had his spleen removed. While fighting for his life in an induced coma, he heard doctors discussing his chances, just a 5% likelihood of survival, and when he woke up he was told he’d never compete again. But Chris didn’t listen. With the help of those around him, he battled through months of rehabilitation and eventually made it back into the training gym. Then, beyond everyone’s expectations, he qualified for the Rio Olympics, and won the gold medal.

FYI – 40 degress Celsius is 104 in Fahrenheit. 

Does this make Chris Mears more of a champion.  Well yeah!  We think so.

Thank you again Bridgestone for letting us get to know a little more about one of our favorite athletes.



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