Chris Pine Proposes a Way to End Debate Over the Best Chris

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Okay. Bang, Marry, Kiss, Kill: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt. Tough call, right? For a long time, the four Chrises of Hollywood—deemed indistinguishable by many fans but good-looking, talented, and obviously established in their own rights—are almost always pitted against one another.

One of the Chrises, Chris Pine, however, says enough. He thinks that instead of competing, all four Chrises should get together and have some fun. So, he pitched in an idea to get all four Chrises together to have some fun. And no, he wasn’t talking about a movie.


In 2020, Chris Pine guested on the Comedy Central YouTube series Stir Crazy. Right off the bat, host Josh Horowitz talked about the Hollywood Chrises, claiming Pine was his favorite. A little bit later, Horowitz floated the idea of having all four starring in an Avengers-inspired movie called The Chrissening.

This isn’t a bad idea, considering all four have appeared in superhero movies in the past. Pine appeared in Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, Pratt’s claim to superhero stardom was his role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Hemsworth debuted as Norse god Thor and Evans was remarkable in his role as Captain America.



Pine, however, had a different vision for his cohort of Chrises, and he did make it clear that it’s time to end the “One has to go” debate.


He told Horowitz: “Shoot, man, either we do like maybe a Comic-Con–a Chrisi-Con.”

“Or we do like a Rat Pack show at the Sands, you know? Where we entertain and do a bit of vaudeville.”

He does have a point. No one Chris needs to come out on top. Which is a win-win for everybody because now, we don’t have to choose among the Chrises and we could just celebrate all of them! Plus, they probably have enough fans to fill the seats anyway.


So, all four Chrises on a Vegas stage, anyone?

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  1. Oh come on! All of the Chrises are great but, my personal favorite is Chris Hemsworth. You gotta love a man that stands 6’3, looks like Adonis, and can make a girl feel safe in a dark alley. Just saying……


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