Chris Pratt Grapples With Another Dude And It’s Very, Very Hot

I'll be the first one to admit… Chris Pratt is one of my biggest Hollywood crushes.  And this is not just Guardian of the Galaxy ripped Pratt, I'm talking all kinds of him like Parks & Recreation Pratt, where he was more of a cub, and everything in between.

His humor and good looks are what propelled him into superstar status, as the Jurassic Park star went from being a somewhat known actor to being a full-fledged Hollywood icon and we are here for it.

Chris has been spending some time in Brazil recently, where his love of wrestling and UFC came to a bit of a head on social media when he posted a photo of him in a very interesting position with a legend from the South American country.

He decided to do some grappling with retired Brazilian mixed martial artist and former Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Rodrigo Nogueira, where the sports star taught him a move called the "Omoplata Armlock" which he misspelled on his Instagram posting.



Here I learn the uma plata arm lock. @minotauromma @minotauromma

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The move, however, looks very interesting for reasons that are obvious to many, including some of his followers who said "do that to me please" and "that looks rather intimate."  

Then again, I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind a grappling match with these two or the others that he posted a photo with below.  Yum.



Das wassup

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  1. And you guys misspelled the

    And you guys misspelled the athletes name… It's  Rodrigo Nogueira and not NogEUira….


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