Chris Pratt taps it as He-Man

"Oh my sweet meats" indeed.

 Woody and Buzz weren't the most homoerotic toys that could have become real during my childhood play sessions.  He-Man was on the top of my list.  Thanks Saturday Night live for making this happen with Chris Pratt playing Prince Adam in his second SNL skit.  He's a good choice to be He-Man since all the chatter has been all about the actor's weight loss and abs, but look at those legs!

We learn that Loin-O and He Man are not as socially developed as Woody and Buzz were, but that's okay.  If they were, we would not have experienced them tapping each other's crotches, sticky frosting and all.

Ariana Grande´ does pop into the skit as She-Ra but it's mom that wins the attention of the toys-come-alive.

 Chris, pretty good job hosting SNL.  You've always been a funny guy and congrats on the weight loss.  We liked you either way, but maybe even a little more now that there is a little less to love. 


2 thoughts on “Chris Pratt taps it as He-Man”

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  2. Chris Pratt’s legs are the

    Chris Pratt's legs are the only reason this episode is still on my DVR!!!!!!! what a big hunk of man!!!!!! I'd wrap myself around his thigh like a koala on a tree!!!!!!

    on a related note-I know it's a very tough job and everyone deserves a second chance but I thought Michael Che was horrible on Weekend Update!!!!!! everyone can flub a line it's live TV but he has a horrible speaking voice and spoke way too fast!!! they sidelined Cecily Strong for him!? how good could he have been in audition/rehearsal only to turn out so poorly!? Lorne Michaels has horrible judgment these days..he better not get rid of that gorgeous Colin Jost!!!!!!!!


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