Chris Pratt’s Dad Bod is Back and We Are Here For It!

Chris Pratt's body is kind of like a box of chocolates: you never really know what you're going to get. Except in this case, every freaking chocolate in the box is just as delicious as the last. So in essence, it's a win-win folks.




For those of you who are Pratt connoisseurs, he started off his career on the thicker side with roles in Everwood and Parks & Recreation. His beefy figure drew a large audience of fans who are into that sort of body type (bears especially) and we couldn't get enough of his playful comedic presence mixed with sheer adorableness.




Then he got all A-list movie star with roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park which turned him into a muscular hunk du jour. No one was complaining (from what I know), as he managed to top himself (hehe) with just how handsome this specimen of a dude could be.


Daily Mail has photos of Chris enjoying a luxurious vacation on the beach in Mexico over the holiday, where it appears his luscious dad bad is back… yet there are still some hints of his muscular physique as well. His girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger must feel like a lucky gal.




So if Chris can find a great balance of jacked and beefy this year and beyond, we won't be complaining. 

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  1. Who cares. He is a sexy funny

    Who cares. He is a sexy funny guy no matter what weight and you just feel like no matter what size he is just genuine.


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