Chris Salvatore Talks ‘My Neighbor Norma’ & UPTV’s ‘Girlfriends of Christmas Past’

We first met Noah Wilson and his NoahPOPTV when we shared "Charlie Carver Helps Us Pick Out The Perfect Halloween Costume with Noah Wilson."  That left us feeling good and looking out for more from Noah in the future.  We didn't have to wait too long for him to pair up with another LGBT star. His "Chris Salvatore Talks 'My Neighbor Norma' & UPTV's 'Girlfriends of Christmas Past'" will may just have the same effect on you as did the previous interview.



We'll be watching for your next installment of NoahPOPTV.

Do you have suggestions for whom Noah should interview next?  He's out in Los Angeles often and I am sure is open to thoughts and ideas. We've loved what he's done so far!

And we'll be watching for you Chris in UPTV's 'Girlfriends of Christmas Past' (see air times below).

Chris sent out this tweet with another clip from the movie. He's looking good and acting great!

For more of Chris's generosity and caring for Norma, here is CBS 2 Los Angeles News story on the couple called "Norma Cook and Chris Salvatore – Unlikely Friends."



If you are interested in the GoFundMe he has set up, it has reached the $50k mark as of now. Congrats to both of you!

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