Chrissy Teigen’s Sponsors Are Dropping Fast

Image via YouTube | Chrissy Teigen on the Moment She Became the Subject of the President’s Tweets

After Apologizing For Online Harassment, Teigen’s Career Is Plummeting… For Now

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest of celebrity gossip it will come at no surprise to you that influencer and television personality, Chrissy Teigen, has been having a really rough week. Once an avid leader in the cancel culture movement, Teigen, the wife of John Legend, is getting dragged through the mud from her heinous commentary in the past. Digital talk show host, Candace Owens, led the charge against Teigen after discovering the former supermodel had sent malicious private and public messages to non-binary socialite and reality star, Courtney Stodden, telling her to – for the sake of a triggering word – off herself – twice. These are no longer allegations, since Teigen publicly apologized to Stodden for her previous actions on Twitter – despite Teigen having blocked Stodden on the platform – so the latter didn’t even see the apology or could respond personally. It gets messier.


The takedown of Teigen didn’t end there – as more of her public tweets came to light again, mostly led by Owens and her loyal following. Teigen also publicly Tweeted she had wished pain or humiliated other women who were going through emotional issues at the time of the tweets, like Lindsay Lohan and Demi Lovato, and wanted former Vice-Presidential contender, Sarah Palin, to shoot herself in the face. One may have opinions on all of these women, but the general consensus of Teigen’s malevolent tweets along with her hypocrisy of preaching to act in kindness, was that she should face the rule of public opinion. She did.

Outraged persons flooded Teigen’s social media and then began demanding some of the corporate companies which sponsor her, like Macys, Target, Vrbo, and Bloomingdales, drop her products and her as an influencer or personality from their stores and advertisements. Not even flooding, a monsoon of commentors poured into the retailers social media accounts and three of them dropped Teigen’s products from their websites and canceled her sponsorships with them. After her public apology, Teigen (and her husband) have gone dark on social media as they likely want to avoid anymore negative press and are hoping the cancel mob moves onto someone else as we approach the weekend.


Teigen has been a media darling and was often uplifted on various platforms and put on television shows. She was usually an easy get and would pop up constantly, everywhere, somehow. We all know her face. Now, it will be interesting to see how Teigen eases herself back into the spotlight and in the good graces of the public. Will Twitter be kind and forgive their self-proclaimed ‘Unofficial Mayor’? She’s quit the platform once, just two months ago, after claiming Twitter was a toxic environment. Perhaps she should have stayed off?

Do you think Teigen will be able to bounce back from this cancelation or is it time for her to quit social media – for good – this time?

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9 thoughts on “Chrissy Teigen’s Sponsors Are Dropping Fast”

  1. I don”t understand how some of her fans can condone this behavior, excusing it as her only being 25 years old. We have young children of color under the age of 18 that have made mistakes or have been accused of wrongdoings that have put them in prison for years. Stop making excuses for adults that should know better. We admire John’s music not his classless, insensitive wife

  2. What she did is aggravated harassment. I really hope the local DA in her jurisdiction looks into this as such.

    For all her apologizers, she was a grown adult when these episodes happened and it happened OVER MANY YEARS!

    Losing a few sponsors is a slap on the wrist for literally going out her way to destroy people’s careers, livelihood and mental health.

    Aggravated harassment is a crime and it needs to be enforced here to prevent others from doing the same.

  3. Trissy got what she deserved,she is an adult but acts like a child.Its not all about you Chrissy. How does it feel being dropped from those companies? Not good uh so how u think those other people feel. KARMA is a (*****)!!!!

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  5. There’s a big difference in making major mistakes when younger or even as an adult however telling someone to kill themselves, shoot yourself in the face etc shows the true core of a person. Who says that kind of stuff. Karma came knocking and she opened the door. Absolutely disgusting

  6. I have followed Chrissy for only about a year. I enjoy her and her beautiful family. I don’t condone her past actions but since when as a society did we stop forgiving ppl. Should she be condemned for what happened 10 years ago. Is there 1st hand knowledge of her being anything but kind today? Let her live her life! She’s the person being bullied now. Many ppl in their teens & twenties made mistakes especially with social media. Thankfully there was no fb or Twitter when I was that age. I hope Chrissy will hold her head high and live her best life. I look forward to her return to Twitter and yes I would buy her products.

    • It may’ve been a “mistake” had she bullied once or twice — but numerous times is inexcusable. She’s evil to the core and everyone has seen recent examples of her bullying and terrible behavior. Who says “seeing little girls doing the splits half naked is just…I want to put myself in jail?!” She’s disgusting and should be canceled asap. NO COMPANY should do business with this LUNATIC.

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