Christian Keyes Lays It On The Gay Community!


Christian Keyes Lays It On The Gay Community!

The Actor Doesn't Want Your Thirst Comments

Woah! Okay, so by now you may have heard Let's Stay Together actor, Christian Keyes, has posted a video to his Instagram boldly asking his gay fans to stop sending him private, unsolicited messages, and commenting about his appearance on his photos. Check out Keye's video below:






If I respect your truth… Respect mine…

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Alright, so Keyes' delivery is a little aggressive. Immediately, he is concerned whether voicing his opinion on the topic is going to get him into trouble. Before he states/shares his stance, he proclaims to love the gay community, but I'm a little skeptical when he says that it's between "you and God", but … okay. Anyway, I'm rather on Keyes' side on this one. Hear me out.

Constantly, I listen to a bunch of whiny, pretty mannequins and twinks within my social circle in West Hollywood complain about the "ugly, old guys" hitting on them at bars. They joke it's consider harassment. Then, some of those very same people are putting thirst trap comments underneath Instagram models (for the lack of a better term) photographs for all of us snide bitches to privately mock. It's virtually the same thing to me. These people on Instagram aren't really hunting for anything besides more likes, followers, comments, etc., to get their engagements up so they won't have to work. We live in an era where lazy is the new glamour and we can thank how we act and react to social media for that one. 



Now, imagine being a heterosexual man constantly dealing with gay men sending him direct messages of their bodies and cat calls? I scrolled through all of Keyes' Instagram and didn't necessarily find any photographs of pictures that make me want to dry hump my chair. The photos appear fairly innocent, focusing on his family, child, and lifestyle. Honestly, I had no idea who Keyes was until his video caught attention on a variety of blogs, so like, who is hunting after him?! As gay men, we need to try and understand not all heterosexual men want to sleep with us. Yes, perhaps everyone is a little gay, but there's no reason to virtually harass someone online to try and get … what, laid at best? There are plenty of fish in the sea. Let's keep our eyes and comments to the ones who actually want to receive our praise. Trust me. There's a handful of Sean Cody "models" who are flaunting themselves on Instagram begging for your attention.

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  1. Self involved celebrities

    Self involved celebrities telling us how hard their lives are. Cry me a river, if you don’t want people giving you attention, then perhaps delete your social media then?


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