Christian Singer Natalie Grant Left The Grammys Early. Guess Why…

Updated Monday 11:05 a.m. PST


Natalie Grant responded to us directly with the following. She tweets:

We're still curious as to why she left early. Any ideas, Instincters? Was the show too sexually risqué? 



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Contemporary Christian singer Natalie Grant walked out of the Grammy Awards early on Sunday night and we'll give you one guess as to why.

The singer posted this on Facebook:


Hmm…we think Jesus would've enjoyed that wedding. Probably the reception too!

What do you think of her statement, Instincters?


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184 thoughts on “Christian Singer Natalie Grant Left The Grammys Early. Guess Why…”

  1. Enough is enough. To all of

    Enough is enough. To all of you "gay christians" that are posting, you are wolves in sheep's skin! The Bible is clear that there can be no salvation apart from repentance. Repentance is NOT just admitting your sin – but TURNING AWAY from it. If you can't admit that your homosexuality is a sin, how can you turn away from it? If you haven't turned away and have no intention of turning away from it, YOU ARE NO CHRISTIAN – BY GOD'S STANDARDS, NOT MINE. YOU are the cause of the turmoil in today's church. There are too many people unwilling to turn away from sin, yet call themselves Christians. To any who might say, "homosexuality is not a sin," I ask you – Where does the Bible say that homosexuality is not a sin? Eating unclean foods WAS a sin until God told Peter it was ok. If homosexuality was a sin (overwhelming evidence in the Old Testament) but God has now decided it's fine, there would be a record of a similar event in which He would say it was ok. There isn't.

  2. “I walked out.” Posted at 11

    "I walked out." Posted at 11:22pm on Jan 26//An innocent (public) tweet by @nataliegrant in reply to an innocent question tweeted by @shearamsey : "how do you feel about being at the Grammys right now?" 

    "I walked out." PERIOD. 13 characters. To the pure, these words were and are pure, but 1 twitter handle desired to pursue their own agenda. "I walked out." was labeled as "hate speech" and with the stroke of a hashtag—hate, twisted truth, and division moved across cyberspace. And to what end? If I look for hate then I will most likely create it. Fans of Ms. Grant know her 3 words were pure because the heart in her music and good works is pure. As Believers we will choose to do good, even in the face of hate. 

    (Titus 1:15-16;Matt 5:44)

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  4. I may have respected her

    I may have respected her decision more if she had chosen to keep it to herself. But to put it out there to get he press and put herself on a pedestal, as if to say "look how Christian I am, and how Christian you are not and they are not" is a bit offsetting to say the least.

    • Why put words in her mouth?

      Why put words in her mouth?  Is it possible you could be wrong in your estimation of what is in another's head?  She and other Christians do not complain about what you think…you will not be happy until everyone thinks as you do?   You are offsetting…

  5. who is this Hesus guy and why

    who is this Hesus guy and why are his peeps trying to run my life. I hear about him all the time. That and some old book filled with fairy tales. 5.25 billion people don't follow this book. Pretty big cajones to tell all them they are wrong and you are right


    • Look Mr Noramlhuman apparent

      Look Mr Noramlhuman apparent you must a 4th grader ignorant little kid who does not know how to write Jesus. And He is not trying to run nobodies  life, definatelly not yours, Is just the fact  that if you are a real Christian (which  she is ) You see Evil you get away from evil. that's it. And she followed God's order. She is not better than no one. She exersiced her rights. And for your information the bible is a living document for those 5.25 billions . Here read this you will an idea.

      1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 (New International Version) Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil.

      • It’s pretty ironic to call

        It's pretty ironic to call someone else a "4th grader ignorant little kid" in a post full of grammar and spelling errors.

    • She followed her heart.  You

      She followed her heart.  You are mad because you feel conviction.  There are things that are right or wrong and you know that in your heart.  Jesus loves you just as much as he loves Natalie.  It your personal choice to accept or decline.

    • Just to be clear, you’re

      Just to be clear, you're saying that her leaving the Grammy's and posting that she left the Grammy's on facebook is in some way attempting to run your life? You're just another Christian-hater who wants to say the same thing every single time a Christian does or says anything: "They're trying to run my life!" No we're not. Also, go do a little research or at least post a credible source if you feel the need to put a figure of 5.25 billion people that disagree with the Bible. You are wrong – end of story until you have proof. If you want to defy and mock the Almighty and stand up to His eternal wrath, that's your business but you WILL lose whether you admit it in the here and now or not.

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  7. She didn’t issue a statement

    She didn't issue a statement condemning the weddings or the show. She just left. It's really her business. I don't know her or her music but based solely on this account I support her leaving a show for personal reasons that I have no idea about. Perhaps she was feeling ill? Perhaps there was a family emergency? None of us knows, so I don't know why we're speculating on it when there are plenty of actual villains to write about. Did y'all get bored with Kirk Cameron?

  8. ld Like share I lived about

    ld Like share I lived about 12 years life as being a homosexual all the men in my life influenced me to believe i was gay because I was sensitive gentle loving and caring. plus i was and still am in affectionate person. i share with the males who will allow me to whom i love. it wasn't till i met Jesus Christ that i found out i wasn't gay but mislead. He begin to show me what love is and is not. Affection Is just an expression of love. Theres nothing wrong with expressing pure love between to of the same sex. But as hard and long as I tried resist this truth I couldnt 2men or 2 women having sex unnatural In God's eyes. Does God hate gay people NO does he hate homosexuality YES. And to you so called straight people,and Christian's who like to condemn homosexuals remember If you lie fornicate or even lust your as guilty  men or women who have sex with the same sex to you homosexuals I've been there and i understand. I love you all So does God but he leaves us the choice to serve him or our own will feel free to contact me if you have any questions and remember my Intentions arent to anger or argue with none i love you though it may not seem like it, but i will always speak the truth. Cant say i love u if I lied to u even if it is to protect your feelings i must always speak the truth in love.. God bless you all.

    • Guy it sounds like someone

      Guy it sounds like someone Bible beat you into submission. You are honestly the most misguided type of gay possible. You turn your back on science and thousands of years of history. Gays have been around since the earliest days of man. Stop speaking for God because while you are trying to defend gays you're also trying to shame them into feeling as though they will go to hell! Every credible mental health professional who has some understanding of sexuality and biology realizes homosexuality is not some deviancy. It is natural in Nature and in people. So get off your pulpit and seek counseling! 

      • Hey im not here to argue. I

        Hey im not here to argue. I live for the one who created i guess others live for what was created. Yeah i am defending gays but not tryna shame them i let Gods truth shame convict judge or emcouarge who and when it needs to

        God bless you

    • OMG…you are the type of

      OMG…you are the type of person who makes others think you can turn homosexuality on and off light a light!  Your just an idiot who is not secure with yourself!  Your either gay or your not.  You can't be gay for 10 years and think…hmmmm…I don't think I'm gay!  Your just an idiot!!


      • I didnt trun it off,but when

        I didnt trun it off,but when your living a lie only the truth can set you free. Jesus set me free kevin

        ​God bless you

    • Well said from the heart. 

      Well said from the heart.  You still know there will be those who will attack you because you have revealed a truth and they don't want to accept responsibility for their personal choices.

      God Bless you and take care.


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  10. Who gives a fuck why she left

    Who gives a fuck why she left let her do her own business dam all these talks about shit that isn't even important fucking ppl really how bored are u ( am currently really fucking bored ) let ppl do there own thing n you do you gays lesbians trannys straight ppl who cares n really bringing Jesus into this dam y'all straight out tripping man really 2014 ppl move alone already 

  11.  I am a Christian because I

     I am a Christian because I have accepted Jesus & have a relationship with him & seek to live my life for him.– yet i am a sinner, because I'm human. No sin is "badder" then another in God's eyes. I can't cast any judgment on a man or woman – I can only show Love to them: gay, straight, black, white, mexican, etc & I believe truly loving someone is loving them through accepting them as a person. Not their sin. I will never treat a gay or straight person with a different amount of kindness. But I will speak God's truth to my gay friend, my straight friend & all others I come into contact. I accept other Christians around me to point out in me where i need to get right with God. Jesus came to this earth to love others, speak truth to EVERYONE & let them know that it is through JESUS we have life. Not through the things of this world that will end once we die.

    Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

    I pray my straight friends, gay friends, black, white, asian, & Hispanic friends will seek Jesus & know that it is only through a relationship with Jesus we have true LIFE & everlasting LIFE.


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  13. I want a “STRAIGHT PRIDE
    I want a “STRAIGHT PRIDE”bumper sticker, and a parade, and the freedom to hate people who don’t embrace my lifestyle……just sayin’

    • There was already a STRAIGHT

      There was already a STRAIGHT PRIDE from 1933 to 1945 in Germany, didn´t really work out…just sayin´

      • Not an intelligent or
        Not an intelligent or meaningful comparison. You completely missed the point, didn’t you? Am I not allowed to celebrate my straightness with parades and bumper stickers and flags, tee shirts, etc.? I simply want equality for everyone. Spare me the ridiculous comparison to Hitler. Move along now….

      • Really, you are comparing the

        Really, you are comparing the Nazis to someone that follows Christ? I'm truly at a loss for words. This world is so lost in its sin that it compares light to darkness.

    • Everyday is straight pride,
      Everyday is straight pride, moron. Every parade and practically every show/movie/song/magazine/advertisement glorifies the heterosexual demographic. Sorry we would like to carve out a little time to let others like us know they’re not alone and we’re not the heinous people jerks like you paint us to be and maybe even say to the world of hateful bigots that continue to try and define our humanity that we are proud of who we are in spite of their bullshitery. Now go be stupid and self-righteous elsewhere.

      • Luke, Luke, Luke. You just
        Luke, Luke, Luke. You just made my point. I ask you, where in my post did I express hatred, or bigotry, or paint anyone out to be a heinous person. It seems to me you are seething with hate.
        Personally, I love all people, couldn’t give two shits if they are gay, straight, black white, my point was, and is, who cares? But I am tired of being labeled as a hater because I want to embrace my own values. For me, straight works, God loves me for the sinner I am, and He makes no differentiation between my sin and the next guys. Pretty damn simple. doesnt make me a hater, or a moron. I, like you, am just who I am, and have a right to be proud of it and celebrate. ( and get a bumper sticker).

  14. Who cares why. Media loves to

    Who cares why. Media loves to make something out of nothing so you'll tune in. Maybe we should start tuning out.

  15. Seriously?  Who gives a fuck

    Seriously?  Who gives a fuck why she left? Jesus Christ I'm getting so fucking sick of the LGBT community making scandal where there is none… You're all acting like fucking republicans with all the made up scandals. Settle the fuck down already. Does her leaving early effect you? No?  Then SHUT THE FUCK UP!  Who gives a shit?

    • Republican’s made up scandals

      Republican's made up scandals??????????????????? Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives? Shall I go on? You are obviously drinking the Kool-Aid!!!!!

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  17. She left due to the satanic

    She left due to the satanic rituals and sexually explicit behavior. Come on now. Katy Perry dancing around a broomstick with Baphomet costumes around her? She was wearing a huge masonic cross (so was Madonna by the way) encircled by fire and dancing with demons. Wake up people. Satanism is not cool which is what they are trying to push. I'm proud of Natalie for standing up and walking out for what she believes in. Not to mention watching Jayz and Beyonce was kinda gross. THAT is why she left. She had no idea about the mass gay wedding (which I see nothing wrong with but couldn't have been very romantic and all those people were USED in a huge publicity stunt) because it happened AFTER she left. Why are people so quick to feel persecuted. GET OVER IT! She has tweeted nothing but positive messages affirming her love for Christ and her decision to be a singer for him and not for the money or the attention. All the people pointing the finger at her need to take a good close look at themselves.


  18. I’m not sure why I came to

    I'm not sure why I came to this page but what I have read is not people discussing things, they are arguments and insults. I have not seen people whole heartedly speak of tolerance, understanding or acceptance. I have not seen very many Christians act as such and I have not seen people who truly understand what they claim to know.

    I am a Christian, I do not go to church nor do I claim to have every page of the bible memorized.
    I accept people, I try to pass love onto those that I can and respect those I cannot I do not bash or insult gays or lesbians and have had good friends in both categories. I do not recall a single phrase in the bible that automatically condemns homosexuals to hell if someone can come up with this popular part in the good book and show me it that would be great as I am greatly unaware of its existence. Christians do not spread hate, if you are spreading your "divine" judgment (which is the big guy upstairs job and not yours) or if you are spreading hate then you are misrepresenting us so please stop.

    Thank you

    • 1 Corinthians 6:9-11  There

      1 Corinthians 6:9-11  There is a list of sins, of which homosexuality is one, that says will not inherit the the kingdom of God.  But adds that those who have repented and are sanctified and made righteous by Jesus Christ will inherit His kingdom.

    • The Bible says we are to go

      The Bible says we are to go and sin no more.  Living in daily deliberate sin is not acceptable to God.  Christianity requires that a person accepts that they are a sinner, that behavior contrary to His Word is sin.  We MUST repent and have changed lives if we are truly living for Christ.  Does this mean a person is condemned to hell if they are homosexual?  No, of course not, and we are not able to know the personal relationship that a person has to Jesus.  However the Bible is very clear that we can know people by their fruits.

    • The Bible says “there will be
      The Bible says “there will be days like this” (paraphrased) and standing up for Christian principals requires courage and boldness. It certainly isn’t what is most popular. I don’t think Natalie Grant’s decision stands as any judgement toward anyone. She chose to distance herself. The Old Testament speaks of things that are detestable to God.The New Testament speaks of redemption through acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior. The divide between the outrageously secular and those who chose the more narrow path spoken of In the Bible is only becoming increasingly wider. EVERYONE must choose for themselves which path they will take.

    • First corinthians Chapter six

      First corinthians Chapter six vs nine. But yes you are right when you say you accecpt them. God doesn't Hate them. He hates what they do. He hates all sin. but alot people need to realize the same way guy came to them me and you with love and acceptance. That's how we need to approach them.

  19. If I were to get married..

    If I were to get married…whether gay or straight….I dont think I would choose such a special and sacred time as this to do it in this environment…at a Grammy Awards show! I mean, REALLY?   They had less than 60 seconds to do anything at all meaningful!   It was extremely rushed! –and with so many others too at the same time!  To me, that did not honor such a sacred event …for ANY one!   (Gay OR Straight !!)    But….to each his own, I suppose.

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  21. The Nazi’s were Christians.

    The Nazi's were Christians. The Westboro Baptist Church is Christian. 100s of pedophile Catholic priests are Christian. I have been in church for more years than some commenters here have been alive. And I am ultimately disgusted with and fear the levels of hate, intolerance, hate speak, and intended violence with which "proud Christians" associate. Being Christian does not give you special

    rights, and hating and threatening others will not bring you into the house of The Lord. Christianity has become cold and angry and deeply intolerant, if messages here are any indicator. The Lord Christ himself brought sexual sin into his world and healed it through tolerance re: Mary Magdalene. Nothing is more dangerous than a righteous heart filled with hate, who believes they act in the interest of God. You read YOUR books–you will find writing about how words of hate go unannointed, and draw good hearts to sin. I no longer feel comfortable raising children in the church. There is more hate and elitism there than anyone is willing to admit. If Natalie left because the violence on this board is in her heart as well, I am happy she left before more people were exposed to her.

    • You have a lot of hate in

      You have a lot of hate in your comment. Sin is Sin. God will deal with ALL sinners. Many will seek but few shall find. perhaps you should focus on the seekers and not the hypocrits. Love the sinner, Hate the sin. Christians don't hate sinners. They themselves are sinners. The Christian Church was set up as a sinners anonymous to help each other stay on the path which leads to Eternal Life. A path which only leads through Christ. That just doesn't appeal to everyone. It also doesn't take away a guilty conscience. So the next time you feel guilty around Christians, It's not them,It's YOUR conscience. But a Christian who only finds pleasure in hateful judgement on outsiders. That's NOT what Christ would do!!


      • I said I have discomfort in

        I said I have discomfort in my heart, and sadness. I did not say I hate anything. This is the problem I speak of–to admit you have any questions about the hate speak is to be labeled a heretic. 

  22. Unbelievable. She left after

    Unbelievable. She left after Kate Perry's "witchcraft" ceremony– even suggested by those in the entertainment business as occult in nature. Amazing how hard people try to defame Christians. Get your facts straight. 

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  24. Really, a Christian lives by

    Really, a Christian lives by her beliefs and we end up with all the "Love – PC" crowd hating her?  What happened to diversity, why are the gayers so judgmental – one individual has advocated that a certain lifestyle isn't for her, we have entire nations of Muslims that would behead the gayers for just being who they are, but no they have to have 100% of everyone not just tolerating or accepting it they want approval.  They need to get a life……………..



    • I’m sorry..did you just say

      I'm sorry..did you just say "the gayers"? Let me help you out with some of your inquiries.

      You asked: " What happened to diversity, why are the gayers so judgmental?"

      Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the term "pot calling the kettle black"? You see, diversity, and tolerance  of diversity, is what gays have been asking for. Please don't embarrass yourself by expecting anyone to believe that it has existed, and that isn't good enough for the gays.

      You state: "but no they have to have 100% of everyone not just tolerating or accepting it they want approval.  They need to get a life"

      Poodle, I don't care if you tolerate or accept or approve of anything I do. I;m not throwing a rope over a rafter because I don't have the full support of someone I will never meet, and someone who has no bearing n my life. What I do want….nay, what I DEMAND…is that I am able to walk down the street without fear of being dragged into an alley by cowards and beaten to death because of who I love. WHO. I. LOVE. Get it? And I have a life. In fact, it's perfect now. In October 2013, I was FINALLY given the LEGAL RIGHT to marry my husband, a man I have shared a home & life with for 8 years prior. NOTHING I do is to get your approval. I don't need it. I never will, just as you will never need mine. The difference is, I wouldn't sneak up on you and beat you over the head with a ball bat for being in love, no matter WHO you love.

      With regards to Natalie Grant, and why she left early, that is her decision to make and live with. Maybe she had some bad shrimp. I don't care why she left. Doesn't affect me at all. as nothing I do affects her, or shouldn't affect her. The difference is, there are people that ALLOW what I do with my life to affect them. They spend so much time finding things to hate about others, rather than just living happily ever after. So sad for them….what a waste of a beautiful life.


      • Love this.  My partner and i

        Love this.  My partner and i have been together for 9 years and are raising 2 kids together. Boy 15 and girl 12. We are unable to marry in Texas but i dont require there pieceof paper to tellme im marriedto this man. Bravo to your comment and hope the Best for you.

        Chad and Wes Dyer

        • And I hope you got as big a

          And I hope you got as big a laugh out of "gayers" as I did because Lord have mercy that was hilarious. God bless Amurika.

  25. Stop this petty arguing. What
    Stop this petty arguing. What does it accomplish? I have been beaten for being gay and loved for being who I am. The question of love is individual not a matter for public display. The question and purpose of what was on the show was about legality and acceptance how can any of us hope to be accepting and loving of others if we all sit in hate. And let me be clear this kind of arguing is hate meant to prickle the skin and push the buttons. I for one may not agree with religion but I would die to make sure the people who do believe could. Freedom is not about sacrificing personal belief but about affording others the right to believ. Giving that Right denotes an inner strength and conviction that we all should strive to have. It means though there are many other ways to think and we could choose any we have chosen and not been forced to choose. How may of you would want to be forced? By that means we be come weak and internally so resentment and suffering become the lot of he who is forced to abide. Thus without choice there can not be any who have chosen.

  26. Good for her. This world is

    Good for her. This world is no longer fit for those who live holy. But then Rome was corrupt in the same way, as all rebellious nations who forgot their Creator.

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  28. Who cares about somebody that

    Who cares about somebody that sings about fictional beings? Not me. So she left. Big deal. She has not said why so stop speculating. There are bigger issues in the world. 

  29. Never heard of her before

    Never heard of her before this article.  She's a primitive, so I think its sad for her, but then its her choice.

  30. She has the right to hate as

    She has the right to hate as much as gays have the right to love.  Christianity is so much more different than the "Christian Cult" this woman follows.  Funny how these people treat the bible like a salad bar.

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  33. – where does ‘love’ exists –

    – where does 'love' exists – does it exists in the hearts of god (his children) or in those of satanists?

    – how is that humans who love each other, unconditionally, became 'satans'… and those who 'hate' 'punish' 'kill' 'judge' etc., became 'children of god'?

    – why is this singer returned if she find it so great singing a song for him; and that the 'gay marriages' is not the reason?

    – why is that those who show the homophobic character does not have any of His reflection in them – of kindness, of forgiveness, of peaceful… why do they resort to kill, punish, judge…? arent these the characters of those who are responsible for crucifixion of jesus?

    take any homophobe – his/her resemblance is more towards evil than to the god.

    funny, as a non-chirstian, i find as though christians vehemently believe that devil is stronger, if not, as strong as god is.

  34. if you believe in God  you

    if you believe in God  you read the Bible you believe in the whole Bible. not read 1 page oh i like that so I believe that and so iam going follow what God says  but then you turn the page your like hell no thats wrong so I am not going to follow that because you dont like what it states, it dosent work like that.  I believe in God and the whole Bible its God word.  show love and pray for everyone because everyone needs it and everybody has to answer to their action one day.  God bless yall all

  35. I can agree with one thing.

    I can agree with one thing. "I will" stand before God one day. So everyone else can keep their opinions, statements, hatreds and everything else to them self. Because if I want to marry a man that is my choice to do so. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but maybe people should start keeping their opinions to themselves. Because opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink.

    • I agree James! People spend

      I agree James! People spend entirely too much time sharing their opinions, and not near enough time sharing their Love. Jesus said to let your yea be yea and your nah be nah. Not get on Social Media and spew out hatred all over the internet via your opinions. I believe if God has laid something in your heart to share with people then share it, but that doesn't include your opinions. I also believe that whatever convictions you live by in life are just that, your convictions, and we as Christians don't have some exclusive privilege of shoving our convictions down anyone's throat or purposefully trying to make them someone else's convictions. It's bullshit!! Not Christianity!!


      • Very true Charlotte. What

        Very true Charlotte. What gets me is just because as a homosexual that is hated that gives me the right to act like everyone else a spew hatred every where. I don't think so. My Mom always said "kill'em with kindness." She also quoted the old saying "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I fall short sometimes, but I do my best to respect others and show them love. I have better things to do then judge someone for how they want to live their lives.

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  37. Listening to the people on

    Listening to the people on here,it shows me that christians will be treated like criminals. Preaching from the bible will be against the law. People on here twisting the bible to fit their own agenda. Just because you are for traditional marriage does not mean you are homophobic. Do you people hate christians? The bottom line is this..we will all stand before the Almighty…and I care more about not offending him than offending homosexuals. You can call me nasty names..big whoop…Just remember that homosexual behavior is abnormal and no matter how much you shout that it is normal..IT"S NOT!!!!! 

    • Traditional marriage? What is

      Traditional marriage? What is that? Define it please. Homosexuality is normal and is found in most species. Homophobia is only found in one. Why is that? 

    • I bet you also read the Bible

      I bet you also read the Bible while watching gay porn — come her often to gay blog sites? Lying is just as much a sin as "thou shalt not kill"…. but I guess it's ok to kill OB/GYN doctors who perform legal abortions?

      • and who are you to judge what

        and who are you to judge what this person thinks. You're probably someone who screams tolerance, but is the most intolerant. Why don't you look at yourself before judging someone's opinion, which in this case, is absolutely correct?

        • Dang, Samuel – nothing like

          Dang, Samuel – nothing like calling others out for judging while you do the same thing you are saying is wrong. Gotta love that logic.

          • I’m only calling them out for

            I'm only calling them out for their response. I understand that we can call disagree. But what this person said was insulting. I'm only supporting someone who did what was right. That's all

    • It’s always nice to hear from

      It's always nice to hear from the cognitively dysfunctional who deny scientific fact and prefer ignorance instead. IT's so safe to live on Ignorant Isle.

    • you can stand before any

      you can stand before any imaginary friend you want that is up to you i will return to the earth and fertilize flowers and grass an live on that way. However Christians are the best at twisting the bible it  is not gods word but the words of men telling a story about a man called Jesus and if you find the original translation you will find unicorns and all sorts of mythical creature we now know don't exist were in the original version. However its a good guide to how to live and the morals are good jesus love me and my same sex marriage i am sure if he exists however i am not sure he loves those that presume to speak for him if he does exist.

    • who told you it was abnormal?

      who told you it was abnormal? God created ALL of mankind…   repeat that in your head– ALL of mankind— I know many many gay people or not normal as you have phrased it, and all of them know from a very early start that they were gay….they were born gay or "not normal" as you quoted…. if all of the people who speak out, protest, harm, kill, slander, the gays in the world would stop focusing on the sexuality part of their love(and believe me you all do) you would see that their lives are just as   "normal" as ours… no matter what religion, beliefs, status, race, or who we are– LIVE AND LET LIVE…   if one of your children, sister, brother. best friend, or other family member to you that they were gay—- WHAT WOULD YOU DO????????????????????????????



  38. Reading some of the posts on

    Reading some of the posts on this blog, and you wonder where the hate is coming from?  Don't look any further than here.

    • It is interesting that 95

      It is interesting that 95 percent of the hateful posts are coming from those who take the cherry picked bible view of the world. SO much for all that "do unto others" stuff that Jesus told his followers to practice.

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  40. Natalie, Jesus doesn’t give a

    Natalie, Jesus doesn't give a fuck about you singing for him. As a matter of fact, he has so many angels singing for him and his glory, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the eternity, he is ready to puke if someone on Earth tries to make him listening to another song about him. 

    So, give it a rest Natalie. Sing about someone else. You can sing about your idol George W. Bush. I am sure he'd love it and Jesus wont have second thoughts about sending you to hell to make Lucifer puke from your singing. 

    • you’re response just explains

      you're response just explains your ignorance and hatred for those who don't have the same outlook as you do. You are very immature with that kind of message and I hope that you will look for the truth. Whether you disagree with us or not, you have no reason to belittle and insult us. What a naive little person you are…

      • Yet you scream that you have

        Yet you scream that you have the right to belittle and insult those who disagree with you. That displays a significant psychosis.

        • Was I really insulting and

          Was I really insulting and belittling with what I said. You apparently don't the correct idea about that. 

        • How does one scream in a

          How does one scream in a comments section, exactly?

          Do you honestly know the definition of "psychosis"? When you use it that way it makes you seem as if you don't. 

          And, by your own logic re: pyschosis, you by beating a dead horse at someone else to make them feel bad, also got a case of the old psychosises. Don't worry, nothing some moonshine and a lil Bactrim cant sort out. 

      • naive little person mmm hang

        naive little person mmm hang on he made a logical point if and its a big if Jesus god and heaven exists and arn't just imaginary friends for insecure little people who can take responsibility for their own actions . The heaven exists as doe the choir on high singing the glory of god so if all that exists he makes a good point Jesus is going to be bored stiff of songs about him.

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  42. “I’ve never been more honored

    "I've never been more honored to ….. sing for Jesus."

    (1) If she were actually doing that, then she would follow Jesus commandment to sell all she has and give it to the poor, and that includes all the royalties and concert fees.

    (2) That she has not done so (or intend to do so) she has exposed herself as a liar. Someone should tell her that Paul said liars won't get into heaven.

      • Funny you should say that,

        Funny you should say that, because the song that's got all the wingnuts in a tizzy quotes Corinthians 13:4. But then wingnuts only know the verses that bigots have pre-approved for them.

  43. Using Jesus as your backbone

    Using Jesus as your backbone to spew hatred about things you consider sins is a sin. Shut the fuck up, or use that hateful energy to get angry about real shit, like hungry children, or cancer. Natalie Grant or whatever her name is, and the rest of you conservative assholes are a joke, just like your religion. Fuck off.

    • Spewing hatred would be her

      Spewing hatred would be her running to the stage, grabbing the mic, and basically doing what you just did, except hatefully toward those she disagrees with. Get a life. She didn't in any way spew hatred; she simply made the decision not to stay where she felt out of place. It's just like when a good parent tells his or her child to stay away from bad influences. If the child avoids them as he or she should, has he or she spewed hatred? Absolutely not. Natalie's God – THE God – told her to love the people but never said she needed to WILLFULLY engage in what His Word indicates as sinful entertainment. Doesn't matter if you agree or not, but you're the bigot, a bully looking to pick a fight. She simply walked away and look how the world is attacking and provoking her. Yeah, we're the problem huh? Again, get a life.

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  45. Does anyone think that maybe

    Does anyone think that maybe she left because Katy Perry practically performed a Satanic ritual onstage? She was dressed as a witch singing with demons in the background in the flames of Hell for crying out loud. That was more offensive to Christians than any of the gay marriages were.

      • And her performance seemed

        And her performance seemed evil to me. I thought they resembled Baphomet. I can easily see why a Christian would be weirded out from it. The same with Lorde's creepy performance with the angel in the background and everything. The entire show seemed like it had a dark atmosphere about it.

  46. It really does not matter

    It really does not matter even THAT she left.  It was her choice.  Does not matter WHY she left.  Her choice again.   Agreed, she did not cause any problems, or hurt physically or mentally anyone there by making the choice that she did.  It should not matter whether she thought the display was distasteful or she ate too much sushi before the show and had to poop.. it is just a thing.. her thing.  Leave her alone.  I'm thinking that the best course of action is to just leave folks alone and hope that they leave us alone.  People will always say stupid or hateful things in social media and in posts on articles just like this one.  The question we have to ask ourselves to truly have any kind of lasting peace is whether or not any of us on either side of the argument will let news agencies and proprietors of social media and the news media sit back and rake in ratings and profit while they laugh their asses off at us gagging on the shit that they just stirred.  Love and respect everyone.  Different is not the enemy.. the jacktards that keep putting us in the ring and watching us fight are!!

  47. It would be easy to take pop

    It would be easy to take pop shots at a blonde haired beauty who labels herself as Christian who leaves the Grammy's early, but not everyone agrees that this large wedding was a great idea, including some marriage equality folks. Also, perhaps I've had too long a day and I'm being cynical, but do any of us really think the Grammy's would have had such a spectacle if not for publicity? It was not all that controversial since equality is not only gaining ground, more than 60% of the populations believes in marriage equality. Moving the Grammy's to Boston in 2005 and performing the wedding at time would have been far more of a political statement than what happened last night, but like I said, I'm in a cynical mood..

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  49. No, us gays are NOT the

    No, us gays are NOT the bullies. It is the Christians who have decided to hijack their religion and use it as a weapon against us when in fact, our lives, our rights, our pursuits of happiness, have nothing to do with the lives of these "christians." All we are doing is fighting back and saying ENOUGH. To any gay person who defends a "christian" relative who has these bigoted views – YOU are apart of the problem. The bible is not the word of God. It cannot be. I would think that God (who is all-powerful and all-knowing) would be able to write a book free of contradictions and misconceptions. Those "christian" relatives are simply misguided, hateful bigots who DO NOT represent Jesus and cling to such a disgusting evil in this world. I hope someday, they find peace & freedom from such an atrocity of the mind.

    • The bible is the word of God.

      The bible is the word of God. So in order to be a good Christian in your view is to go against the word of God. I am a Christian. I do not hate gay people,but homosexual behavior is a sin. "Good will be evil and evil will be good"

      • It is not a sin to love

        It is not a sin to love another human being.  However, bigotry is a sin.  But don't worry, we must love the bigot, but hate the bigotry.

      • I’ll write a $1,000 cheque to

        I'll write a $1,000 cheque to the charity of your choice if you can prove "the Bible is the word of God." Come on, I triple dog dare you to prove your statement is true.

      • Hi Michelle. What you say is

        Hi Michelle. What you say is stereo typical of most religious people today. They take what is written in the bible and wrest it to their own and everyone else's destruction. The reality is that the Bible also says a multitude of other things, and none of us have the privilege of picking out the parts we like, and using them to condemn someone else.  Spreading Hate and Condemnation under the consensus of what the Bible says, and only picking out the parts that validate our opinions is not acceptable. I could fill up many pages with what I think Jesus meant in each of the things he had to say, but the reality is, It doesn't matter what I think. It only matters what Jesus has to say about the situation and if I am allowing him to lead and guide my thoughts, and give me understanding of what he says. If I'm not, then it is of utmost importance that I keep my mouth shut. Jesus had A LOT of things to say about our tongue and the words we speak. I wish people would study that part a lot more often. Without a doubt it would leave them speechless!! Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak,they shall give an account thereof in the day of judgment. 37: For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Those scriptures give us guidance, and very plainly tell us to choose our words wisely. They are even more clear in letting us know that our words should be few.

  50. A lot of Christians were
    A lot of Christians were raised to believe that homosexuality is a bad thing. They even go on ti teach their children that which they are closing their eyes to the fact that people are people. My oldest sister is a hardcore Christian and herhusbanf is the pastor of their church, so i have seen him preach on how Homosexuality is a Bad Thing. Their only Son, their own flesh and blood, is gay and they cant do anything about that but preach about how Homosexuality is bad, and try sending him to therapy where the doctor is telling him that he is going to Hell for being Gay. Great antics on trying to make the world a better place. No one is normal and what they say and do can affect not just one person but a whole nation. Whether Natalie Grant left way before that or not no one really knows but her and the people working the grammys. I am a Gay Man in a relationship with an amazing man that I one day will marry, and if there is someone in my life friends and or family that refuse to come to my wedding then so be it and they will no longer be apart of my life.

  51. She isn’t homophobic. AT. ALL

    She isn't homophobic. AT. ALL. Try living in Nashville and in the Christian music scene. It's very different than what you would expect. The entire industry is changing. I'm gay, and a Christian. I think we need to evaluate our own actions as gay individuals. It looks like WE are becoming the bullies…

    • Very well stated, Ben! I am

      Very well stated, Ben! I am also gay and a Christian and even went to Lee University in Cleveland, TN when I was kicked out of school for coming out and standing my ground. Natalie is a fantastic women I had the honor of singing with in my Lee days and she has never done anything to embaress either communities with which I previously associated myself with. Had she blatantly said- "The homos offend me," I could see where there would be some discourse. However, we witnessed a VERY scantily-clad Beyonce shaking her cakes early on with some butt-cupping from her hubby, Katy brought on the Devil. Jamie Foxx made really horrible jokes in bad taste… AND THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST HOUR. She felt convicted to leave for a reason that she kept to herself. Let her live her life!

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  53. Let me comment here as a gay,

    Let me comment here as a gay, Pentecostal Bishop (I know….some didn't even know we exist, but we do). Natalie Grant is an amazing and powerful Christian artist. And she doesn't have to agree with who we are, any more than we have to agree with how some conservatives treat people in general. She said that her departure was BEFORE the wedding and that she heard about it later….unless WE want to be as judgmental as some are touting her to be, then lets believe her.

    And to Natalie (whose music we sing in our Affirming Pentecostal Church)….any confusion or questions you might have, please feel free to ask them. If you don't ask, how will you know. That ceremony was about the acceptance of love and the right of equality, nothing more. No one is trying to get anyone to change their personal views on homosexuality. Each person is free to live in their own beliefs. It is only to get humanity to recognize that all those who are expected to live under the governing laws deserve the full right given within those laws.

    Thank you Macklemore, Lewis, Lambert, Queen and Madonna for your stand. Blessing and congratulations to each of the 33 couple (gender insignificant) that sealed your love in a brief, but powerful ceremony!!

    • You are a disgrace to God and
      You are a disgrace to God and His truth! You just want to fulfill your twisted sexual desires and call yourself a man of God. Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t escape His wrath and neither will you for spreading such lies and heresies!

      • Hey Truth Seeker! Sounds like

        Hey Truth Seeker! Sounds like your exhortation is born somewhere other than out of a heart of love. So you mustn't really seek the truth do you? It's crazy how quickly such condemnation is spewed out of your mouth. You nor anyone else has the right to tell anyone that they will die like Sodom and Gomorrah. That is what is biblically known has condemnation, and judging someone, both of which we are told not to do.

  54. Oh come on! She probably isn

    Oh come on! She probably isn't the only one who left early, she's just getting attention because magazines want drama and they get it by pitting people against each other. I don't care where she stands on the issue, this is ridiculous. 

  55. As long as she didn’t hurt

    As long as she didn't hurt anyone or deprived anyone of any rights or anything that is rightfully their's, she is fully entitled to her beliefs, as are we.  She left peacefully without causing any disruption or scene.  Thrusting one's belief on someone else is wrong.  She removed herself from the event peacefully, because that is what she deemed appropriate.  She has a right to do so.  

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  57. There’s nothing hateful about

    There's nothing hateful about this post. It's an observation and educated guess as to why she left.

  58. Believe it or not there are

    Believe it or not there are some Christians who are homophobic !!!!   Shocking !!!  LMAO !!!

    LOVE IS LOVE !!!

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  60. Who cares! Never even heard

    Who cares! Never even heard of this old cunt.

    You all at Instinct must be DESPERATE for some coverage!

  61. I’m Bi…seemed like the

    I'm Bi…seemed like the lousiest "set up"  five second "vows" ever exchanged. ABout as moving as watching lammings jump off a cliff.  FAIL Grammys.  Mass weddings might be cute but the stunt just sucked, period. 

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  63. Artwork (and artistic

    Artwork (and artistic performances) change to fit the times.  If people don't like it, perhaps they ought to try living in a culture which is less tolerant and less adaptive to change and see how those cultures compare to our own.  Then they might realize restrictive those societies are.

  64. Who cares why he left that’s

    Who cares why he left that's her choice. She didn't bash anyone. Stop the fucken drama it's not always a gay thing!!!!!!

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  66. I couldn’t care less if she

    I couldn't care less if she stayed or left. It doesn't bother me. It's like being at the movies and somebody gets up and leaves because they didn't like it. I don't care, I still watched and loved it. So honestly I really don't give a flying hoop who she is or what religion she follows, or what her beliefs are. My life continues on as happy and as gay as can be. 

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  68. I can understand why she left
    I can understand why she left for her belief but really I thought Jesus preached acceptance…..what did she really think was gonna is a form of self its sexuality or whatever its about creative expression u don’t have to agree but u should respect

  69. Wow, such hate, guess only
    Wow, such hate, guess only people who agree with you are ok. You people are gross, have fun burning for eternity. Quit pushing your filth on those who don’t agree.

    • You seem very indignant. You

      You seem very indignant. You say there's so much hate against your view then turn around and you have three sentence that are dripping with disdain. Hate is not a one lane road, honey. You're on it too. Fighting hate with hate will get you nowhere.

    • Seems like you’re carrying a

      Seems like you're carrying a bit of hate yourself.  People on both sides of this issue tend to get defensive which often leads to attacks (case in point, your post here).  If you don't understand how, or why people are gay, that's ok.  You don't have to get it, but you should try to empathize with everyone.  People don't choose to be gay, or straight, they just are.  Regardless of what "The Bible" says, most gay people are far less sinful & debaucherous & far more mundane & regular than you think.  We're just regular people trying to live our lives the best way that we can.  You have clearly been told throughout your life that there is something wrong/sinful with gay people.  There isn't.  You've been mislead.  No matter how much people dislike the idea of same sex attraction/relationships/marriage we're not going anywhere.  As long as straight people keep having kids, there will be plenty of gay ones.  If one of your kids was gay, wouldn't you still love him/her?  We're really pretty awesome.

    • your on a gay blog so whose

      your on a gay blog so whose pushing whose opinion here ring ring  oh disgusted its the kettle they say your black

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  71. Wow, such hate, guess only
    Wow, such hate, guess only people who agree with you are ok. You people are gross, have fun burning for eternity. Quit pushing your filth on those who don’t agree.

    • I’ll pray for you Disgusted,

      I'll pray for you Disgusted, you seem to need love in your life. I love you with God's love regardless of your bitterness or hatred, see I am supposed to love those who persecute me. As for heaven or hell, I think you may be seeing a lot more of us than you realize so perhaps a little kindness now would server your soul later. God bless you and I pray you are tremendously blessed.

  72. Okay, but she KNEW the

    Okay, but she KNEW the wedding was going to happen, just like the rest of us. Then she facebooked about it. Seems like she's pandering to that part of her audience. 

  73. Y’all are so worried about

    Y'all are so worried about what others put out into the world but take a good look at what you put out. Don't point out a splinter in ones eye when you've got a log in your own. Let her have an opinion she's entitled to it. You don't like it then find someone else's choices to comment on.

  74. I hope she has gay children &

    I hope she has gay children & that she loves them unconditionally & figures out the truth.

    She's been mislead.

    • Politer isn’t even a correct
      Politer isn’t even a correct form of the word polite. The correct form of this would have been
      She is more polite than most.

  75. When are most Christians

    When are most Christians going to be more "Christ-like"?  I feel when we have that, there won't be statements such as this. 

  76. Very much entitled to her

    Very much entitled to her opinion and feelings about the show. I would do the same if I was in a room full of ppl that I did not agree with. BTW I have no idea who she is and one thing I do know for sure is I DON'T CARE.


  77. Equality at its finest… she
    Equality at its finest… she obviously isnt allowed to have her thoughts and opinions. When she does, her beliefs are attacked. So who is right and who is wrong? Should she sit through something she doesnt believe in for fear of being condemed for those thoughts and beliefs?

    • Equality has nothing to do

      Equality has nothing to do with either thoughts or opinions.  She certainly was and is allowed to have any opinions she wants.  If I happen to sit through something I don't approve of (which is what you meant but didn't say) — it's no kind of endorsement or condemnation either.  I'm happy she left, though, because haters shouldn't hang around.


      • Actually Equality is exactly

        Actually Equality is exactly what I meant, Equality= the state or quality of being equal. Obviously her beliefs of  same sex marriage is morally wrong is not equal to those who believe it is right. She isnt allowed to have her beliefs because when she does she is a "hater". So basically with that thought, everyone who thinks that same sex marriage is right, are "haters" as well.

      • No people are not allowed to

        No people are not allowed to have opinions when they don't know the facts. That is a major flaw of this society, we think even ignorant people should be allowed to have an opinion. The question should be does she know anyone who is in a same sex religion to base her awful "opinion" on? And if so how many and why does she feel it is wrong, if she has any intelligence than she needs to base her "opinion" on facts and logic not what religion tells her. Do these "Christians" even realize how hypocritical they are? They can think it is alright to do some of the things the Bible says not to but are going to be a bigot about LOVE. That doesn't seem very Christian to me. Oh and I am allowed to have an opinion since I have friends who are gay and I am a Christian. 

  78. But all t hat said. She still
    But all t hat said. She still judged and did exactly what the bible and word of god speack about. One shal not judge nore condem, so christian realy. I am christian and come from a long christian history in my famalie, but yes I am gay and cant help it. Its the same if I was boren with one arm or a pennis and a vagina. Or blind or who knows but thats ok its not gay.. people need to start loving more and stop the selfishness.

  79. Just a publicity stunt!!!!
    Just a publicity stunt!!!! As to the person who say’s a gay wedding is trash. I’m sure your redneck, trailer park wedding was the height of the social season.

  80. So she’s singing about an

    So she's singing about an imaginary friend to an imaginary friend and anyone is supposed to care about what "thoughts" are "inside her head?" Let her keep enjoying her imaginary friend and the rest of us can live in the real world. And, oh yeah, this was clearly an attempt to pander to the other imaginary-friend-worshippers who buy her music. So it's really about money. Shocker. 

  81. So she stayed thru Beyonce

    So she stayed thru Beyonce sexed up performance but left because of the wedding, how christian of her!

  82. She didn’t make a quiet exit.
    She didn’t make a quiet exit. She facebooked her exit & made a point to say she’s keeping opinions to herself. It’s passive aggressiveness at it’s finest.

  83. At least she had the courtesy
    At least she had the courtesy to leave. She didn’t say any bigoted statements or really speak out against the show in a negative manner. We have jumped again and made an assumption. If they are her beliefs then so be it. At least she’s not ramming down anyone’s throats. As we SHOULD NOT be ramming ours down hers! Kudos Natalie for you quiet exit. You performed it with class!

  84. Let’s keep this simple:

    Let's keep this simple:  Christians are bound by Two Laws! neither of the include judging LGBT people!  

  85. Who cares? Really? Those

    Who cares? Really? Those people's opinions have no place and hold no weight in modern society anymore anyway.

  86. I’m MORE than happy she left,

    I'm MORE than happy she left, we don't need people who are close minded there. Wake up, the world is changing and you either adapt or die off. Oh, wait, that's that pesky evolution thing you don't believe in to…

  87. While I thought the Mass

    While I thought the Mass Wedding and events that happened were AMAZING. i respect her choice to leave.


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