Christina Aguilera Pranks Unsuspecting Customers at Donut Shop

Hungry people expecting to chow down at a donut shop were given way more than they bargained for when Christina Aguilera sang live to them over the speakers.


It all went down as part of a process on Jimmy Kimmel Live called #undercoversing. 

Jimmy Kimmel does his show on Hollywood Boulevard across the street from the Hollywood and Highland shopping center. There are a lot of shops there and he wanted to give people visiting a real celebrity experience.

So he set up hidden cameras at Randy’s Donuts and enlisted the help of a major music star to sing live over the speakers as the people waited for donuts. 

Cue Xtina, who hilariously sang to some of the patrons before walking to the front of Randy's and surprising the hell out of them.


She sang what they were wearing/doing to her classic 1999 track "Genie in a Bottle". For instance:

"There's a guy in a Dodgers hat, he is here with a kid. He just wants to eat some donuts, and give some to the baby too."

It only gets better from there. See the clip below:

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