Christopher Meloni Bares It All AGAIN in Latest Ad Campaign

Christopher Meloni strips down into nothing once again in a new ad campaign video for the apparel brand Tommie Copper.

(c) Instagram: @chris_meloni / @tommiecopper

The brand’s Fourth of July campaign features the 62-year-old American actor in all of his naked glory — except his wearing some fun and colorful socks. The video starts off with him waking up in bed, then delivers the lines:


“Hey, come a little closer, I want you to experience the magic that’s underneath these sheets. I’m going to show you my giant… socks.”

The scene shifts in the kitchen where we can see Meloni naked, with certain parts blurred, which leaves very little to the imagination. He then shows off his socks, which come in a variety of vibrant colors and fun designs.

(c) Instagram: @chris_meloni / @tommiecopper

“I never take these babies off. Better than being naked. Why? Because naked only comes in one color,” he says to the camera.


Prior to his Tommie Copper campaign, the ‘Law & Order’ actor has also done an ad for Peloton where “he lifted weights, did yoga, and even jogged while completely naked.” Not to mention, he also had a lot of nude scenes in HBO’s prison drama ‘Oz’.

And on that note, you can watch a very naked Meloni in his latest ad campaign here:


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