Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn “Say Gay” in New Podcast Episode

Authors Christopher Rice (left) and Eric Shaw Quinn share their thoughts on the “Don’t Say Gay” bills in the latest episode of their podcast. (Photo Credit: Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn Facebook Pages)

Authors and podcast hosts Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn will admit that they are bitches but they are also gay men that are outspoken when it comes to issues concerning the LGBTQ+ community. In “SAY GAY!”, the latest episode of their podcast, TDPS Presents Christopher & Eric, Christopher and Eric respond to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that was recently signed into law in Florida by the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis.

(Photo Credit: Christopher Rice Official Instagram Account)

Christopher explains in the episode:

“What set me off was a lieutenant for Governor Ron DeSantis saying if were against the bill, you were in favor of grooming children, which is dog whistle language that accuses LGBT people of being pedophiles who are trying to recruit and convert young people into a deviant sexuality. It originates from this idea that everyone is born straight and that through a series of corrupting processes, you are gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender or nonbinary, you know fill in the colors of the diversity rainbow there when it comes sexual or gender identity. This is only something you believe if you are an asshole.”

What Christopher refers to is a tweet from DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, posted on March 4.


Eric Shaw Quinn adds his own thoughts about the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, stating:

“It is just the absolute quintessence of bigoted and privileged view of the world so my response is that I’m going to begin raising money to finance lawsuits to sue anybody who mentions their pregnancy, their husband, their wedding, their children, their marriage, or any other expression of their sexuality because that’s all about talking about gender, sexuality, and identity as well. And that’s the part that is so blind about these bills is that it somehow sees that there is an okay version of sexuality that is fine to talk about to anybody…”

Christopher also brings up how hypocritical some religious straight people are when they say sex is for procreation purposes and should never happen outside of marriage. Christopher’s response to this is, “I have about 8 billion straight people you need to talk to first before you fucking come for me.”


Christopher and Eric also share their picks of movies, books, and television shows that have shaped them as gay men.  You can hear the episode below or go to to find it on your favorite podcast service.

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