Chuando Tan Down To Bare All In His First Acting Gig

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Chuando Tan is back in our hearts and minds, and he’s down to show more skin than ever before.

Remember Chuando Tan? Back in 2017, the then 50-year-old fashion photographer and model became an internet sensation. Why? Simply because of his amazing physique and appearance that makes him look 20-30 years younger.




But now, Tan is in the news again. And this time, it’s because he is taking up a new venture in his career. Acting.


Yes, Chuando Tan is going to play the lead actor in a murder drama film, according to Straits Times. The news source also shared the highly important piece of information that the model-turned-photographer-turned-actor will act in a shower scene and a sex scene.

But don’t get too excited, says NextShark. Tan has already expressed that he doesn’t foresee showing a lot of skin. While the actor doesn’t know for certain how much skin will be shown for the part, he shares that there will probably be no full-on nudity.


But if there was the demand for it, would the actor bare all? Certainly, he says. Tan shared that he doesn’t mind stripping down for the role, as he believes actors should commit to the tasks written in the script. And thanks to his experience in the fashion world, he’s used to being surrounded by models in various stages of undress and being fairly undressed himself.

And with this being his first acting role, Tan is certainly trying to live out the confidence and requirements of being an actor. With the mass internet following that has emerged for Chuando Tan, there’s been plenty of doors opening up for the man. Tan has been trying to get into the door of China’s show business industry, and now it looks like that path is opening too.

But what’re the details on this upcoming film? Unfortunately, there isn’t too much to know right now. The movie currently has no title or release date. That said, we know that Taiwanese director Wayne Peng will be leading the project. In addition, actor Tay Ping Hui, 48, will be co-starring alongside Tan.

We look forward to hearing more about the project (and seeing those bare all scenes) in the future.

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