Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee’s Sensual Edit Will Get You in a Good Mood!

Scrolling through Reddit, we see a variety of content that can make us feel different emotions, and this one, in particular, earned some laughs and giggles.

The video features Chuck Norris and the late Bruce Lee in their 1972 film ‘The Way of the Dragon.’ Hearing the two well-known and respected martial artists together, you’d expect the Reddit video is all about their action-filled scene.


However, it became an entirely different movie when the soundtrack was changed into the late English singer George Michael’s popular song, “Careless Whisper.” Instead of action-packed, the scene suddenly turned sensual as the two martial artists slowly took off their clothes.

Norris also did a hair flick that looked sassy with the soundtrack edited. Of course, Reddit users have a lot of thoughts on the video, and here are some of their comments:

“To be fair, Chuck Norris’s hair flick at the end would be pretty gay regardless of the soundtrack.”


“It was the smile after the flick. That was wild.”

“Why did they cut before he entered the dragon?”

“So that would mean Bruce is the bottom and Chuck the top?”

The video’s ending was the icing on the cake, and you’ll just have to watch it for yourself… 😉

Careless Dragon
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