Church Says No To Trans Godparent, Now Allows After Unrest.

How many of us are godparents?  I am a godfather twice over, but admit I am not the best at it for I often forget who I am godfather.  I play no favorites when it comes to my 3 nieces and 2 nephews.  Equal treatment all around.

I've seen many of my LGBT friends post on Facebook pictures of them becoming godparents.  Yes, it's a religious ceremony, but it's as well a moment to celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones.  I was honored that my brother and sister both wanted me to be the godfather to one of each of their children.   But what if you were chosen by someone to be a godparent, but the church rejected you?  This is what happened recently in Cadiz, Spain.

A trans man has been allowed to become a godfather to his nephew, despite previously being banned by the Catholic church.

Salinas appealed to Bishop Rafael Zornoza after he was told by his local priest that he would not be able to be godfather of his nephew because he does not live “in accordance with the Catholic faith.”

Mr Salinas said that the parish priest was initially receptive to having him be the child’s godfather, but later changed his mind after contacting the diocese.

The priest said that he could still “spiritually encourage and help the child in living the faith.”

“No one should be surprised if someone cannot be admitted” because of the life choices, as it is “something that happens often,” the bishop said.

However following an intense backlash on social media, including a petition, Bishop Zornoza has changed his mind.

“I am very happy because of what this means for me, but above all, because what is good for me is good for other transsexuals who are Catholic and want to be part of the Church,” Salinas said –

Bravo for Alex becoming an integral part of your nephew's new life. 

Usually the selection of a godparent is a simple decision made by the newborn's parents, but Alex's fight to become a godfather became international news.  Does the church have a say as to whom should be a godparent?  I guess if you belong to such an organization, you need to play by their rules. 

Or do you?

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, a transgendered Spanish legislator has since called for a study of whether the church’s decision equates to a national hate-crimes and hopes to challenge the religious body in court. –

What do you think?  Was this a hate crime?

I would say no since in this nation we have separation of church and state.  But I am not sure how hate crimes are defined in Spain. 




What do you think?