City Councilwoman Unleashes Vicious Homophobic Rant Against Trenton’s Openly Gay Mayor

Councilwoman Vaughn – City Council Photo / Governor Murphy / New Jersey Globe – Murphy is urging Vaughn to resign

I am a native of Trenton, New Jersey-born, and raised. Though I don’t live there anymore, I often visit, and I try to keep up with its local politics. I scrolled through the New Jersey Globe online today, and I was shocked as I listened to leaked audio from a COVID-19 phone conference with Trenton city officials.  

In that call, at some point, Trenton Councilwoman Robin Vaughn became unhinged and launched vicious, homophobic personal attacks against Reed Gusciora – Trenton, New Jersey’s first openly gay Mayor.


It is unclear what set the hopefully, FORMER councilwoman off, but as her attacks began to escalate, you can hear someone else on the call seemingly growing alarmed at Vaughn’s tone. The voice can be heard, commanding all participants to disconnect and immediately hang up, as Vaughn continued to hurl sexuality-based insults and defaming accusations at Guscaria.

It’s safe to assume; nobody disconnected from the call as directed. They were likely frozen, like I was, in disbelief at what they were hearing. Throughout Vaughn’s foul-mouthed assault, the various other participants on the call could be heard in the background gasping in shock, and I’m fairly sure someone on the call exclaimed, “He’s Gay!?”

Mayor Reed Gusciora, Trenton, NJ. State House Photo.

It got real messy, real quick, and the Mayor told her countless times she was out of line and jeopardizing her career. Still, she carried on her rapid-fire foolishness, calling Guscaria “a woman,” and “bitch-ass,” while also declaring that all the men in her family were real men.


She said a lot more, but I’ll let you have a listen to the calls yourself to understand the severity of Vaughn’s attacks. In no business setting can someone’s job be spared after such an incident.

I find this matter unfortunate because Trenton’s progressive evolution to having a gay mayor is admirable. Growing up there, I had a lovely circle of supportive friends, but as a city, it was not always the most welcoming environment for gay youth. Then last summer, my dear, childhood friend Stacy Grissett., who still lives in Trenton, told me the city had also just held its first Gay Pride parade. That’s a big deal because such events can only be green-lighted in partnership with city and state officials. So there’s a tangible social change there to be celebrated.

Vaughn’s offensive words are even more troubling in that regard as they are a complete slap in the face to the city’s efforts of inclusion for the LGBTQ community. That said, as of now, the Councilwoman is doubling down on her words and refusing to apologize.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has called on Trenton Councilwoman Robin Vaughn to resign, and I concur with that sentiment. 


As reported by the New Jersey Globe:

“Hateful language is never acceptable, and “audio of the Trenton conference call demonstrates multiple parties engaging in an inappropriate and deeply troubling exchange,” said Alyana Alfaro, a spokesperson for Murphy. “Governor Murphy condemns the hateful and “homophobic comments made by Councilwoman Vaughn in the strongest terms.

Vaughn has made her homophobic bed, so whatever happens, she will have to lay in it. This is a terrible time to be out of work, but oh well, maybe next time she’ll think about that before poppin’ off with all that hate. We cannot let such actions go unpunished, so honey, as we say here in New York City, GET HUH!!!



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  1. WOW… I was a Navy Sailor for 22 years so, I curse like a, well, truck driver and even I was offended by this woman’s language.


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