Claud Represents Queer Introverts In New MV

Claud pays homage to “500 Days of Summer” with their music video “Wish You Were Gay.” / Screenshot via YouTube @Claud

Pop singer Claud has dropped new gay-themed music videos that pays homage to a 2009 film.

In the movie 500 Days of Summer, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, there’s a party scene. This scene is depicted through a split screen that shows two different scenarios, one for “expectations” and another for “reality.” Music artist Claud decided that they would do a similar setup for the music video to “Wish You Were Gay.”

In the love ballad, Claud sings about falling in love with a straight person. The music video, which was directed by Christina Xing, then shows this split screen setup of how the crush would play out as a fantasy and in real life. As you’d expect, the expectation sees the same-sex crush going smoothly with Claud dancing and flirting. But in reality, things don’t go so well.

Speaking to Billboard, Claud says their intention of the video was not to be depressing but to be representative of wallflowers and introverts.

“At the very core of it, the song is a ballad about unrequited love, and I really wanted the video to capture that,” they said. “Queer or not queer, I think the experience of loving someone who just doesn’t love you back can happen to anyone.”

Claud has also teamed up with the Trevor Project to make a series of “Wish You Were Gay” t-shirts. All of the proceeds for these shirts will go towards the Trevor Project to support LGBTQ youth.

“I’m honored to align myself with such an incredible organization and hoping these funds allow them to expand and establish themselves as a go to resource for young queer people.”

If you want to check out the video, you can watch it below.


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