‘Click Boys’ Explores Life On The Other Side Of The Camera

The new docu-series Click Boys goes behind the scenes of OnlyFans content creators Brock Banks, Matthew Camp, Lance Charger, Ty Mitchell and Noah Way.
Brock Banks, Matthew Camp and Lance Charger of ‘Click Boys’ (images via Instagram)

We’ll definitely be tuning in for the new docu-series Click Boys, which goes behind the scenes of online adult content creators. The revealing 5-part series follows LGBTQ content creators who make their income through the internet subscription service OnlyFans.

Each episode will explore life on the other side of the camera as these Click Boys share their real life triumphs and struggles in the course of trying to make a living. Along the way, they open up about queer and cultural identity, empowerment through sexual liberation, body positivity, and the business of sex work and sexual freedom.



Even if adult entertainment isn’t your thing, the entrepreneurial drive of these content creators is fascinating. In the trailer, Matthew Camp candidly shares how the pandemic was something of a positive for Click Boys, explaining that “you can make as much as a lawyer makes” on a platform like OnlyFans.

Even so, that income can be fleeting. “It always does feel as though it can all be stripped away,” says Ty Mitchell. “So, it feels scary like that. Abs don’t get me healthcare.”


Each episode will feature a different Click Boy including Brock Banks, Lance Charger, and Noah Way, along with the aforementioned Camp and Mitchell.

Matthew Camp
Matthew Camp (via Instagram)
Brock Banks
Brock Banks (via Instagram)
Lance Charger
Lance Charger (via Instagram)
Noah Way
Noah Way (via Instagram)
Ty Mitchell
Ty Mitchell (via Instagram)

Check out the docu-series Click Boys when it premieres on Monday, February 27, on WOW Presents Plus with new episodes each following Monday.

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