Clip Of Ricky Martin Getting Dressed Made The Internet Happy

Ricky Martin (image via official Facebook page)

On the eve of this year’s Art Basel Miami Fair, pop star Ricky Martin shared a short video clip to his Instagram story showing him prepping to head out to this year’s Dior Men’s Fall fashion show.

With out actor Ben Platt singing “River” in the background, Martin looks dashing as ever tossing on his suit jacket. 

Taking a final glance in the mirror, Martin asks aloud, “Good?” as the camera view pans down in time to catch the singer adjust his junk. 

Yep, totally good 🙂

While posts to Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours, Twitter user Jarett Wieselman was wise enough to preserve the moment for all of us.

Yes, we love us some Internet 🙂

And we were not alone in our appreciation of the ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ singer. Yes, the Twitterverse took note.


Martin and husband Jawan Yosef will be enjoying the holidays this year with their children Matteo, Valentino, Lucia, and latest addition six-week-old baby boy Renn Martin-Yosef.

The 47-year-old Latin heartthrob is also prepping for his upcoming ‘Movimiento’ Tour:

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