Clip Of Voter Learning Buttigieg’s Gay Is As Funny & Sad As Expected

South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democratic Primary candidate Pete Buttigieg at the third debate, September 12, 2019. / Screenshot via ABC-Univision

Homophobia even in Buttigieg’s supporters?

A video is going around of an Iowa caucus voter who got upset after finding out the politician she voted for is gay. But really, the Iowa caucus has been a mess overall. According to BBC News, quality checks because of “inconsistencies” have delayed the initial results. And despite there not being an official announcement on the winner, both Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are claiming to be in the lead of the state’s votes.

But speaking of Buttigieg, it seems he has even more problems to deal with. Not only is he trying to manage a campaign staff that resents him, but the South Bend, Indiana mayor has lost one supporter… after she already voted for him.

A video is starting to trend that show’s one Iowa voter wanting to rescind her vote after finding out that Buttigieg is gay. The video shows this woman talking to a Buttigieg campaign supporter. The poor campaign staffer or volunteer tries to calm the homophobic voter and appeal to her Christian sensibilities. The voter, however, uses her Christian faith as her reasoning for disliking Buttigieg.

“Should it matter if it’s a woman or if it’s a man or if they’re heterosexual or homosexual if you believe in what they say?” says the campaigner.

“It all just went down the toilet is where it just went,” the woman replies.

The scene is oddly funny in its strangeness. But ultimately, its more frustrating and disappointing than anything else. If you want to see the video for yourself, check it out below.

Sources: BBC News, Boing Boing

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