Clothing Chain Primark’s In The Hot Seat After The Revealing Where Its Pride Merch Comes From

Image via Primark

Earlier this week, clothing chain Primark announced that it would be working with LGBTQ charity Stonewall to sell Pride-themed clothing.

The company announced this union while also saying that they will be selling and distributing the merchandise all over Europe and the US.

In addition, Primark announced that 20 percent of the proceeds will go towards Stonewall.

That said, problems arose when Primark shared that the merchandise is being created in strict anti-gay countries.

A spokesperson unleashed a can of worms on the company after revealing that the merch is “manufactured in China, Turkey and Myanmar… in accordance with internationally recognized standards.”

The problem is that all three of these countries have anti-gay governments.

China is constantly changing its treatment of LGBTQ citizens. One second, they have a live and let live policy. The next, they will censor online gay content or cancel LGBTQ functions and events.

Meanwhile, Turkey regularly promotes violence towards LGBTQ people such as last year’s Istanbul Pride when police officers shot rubber bullets at participants.

Lastly, Myanmar still has anti-gay laws, which can cause anywhere from ten years to life in prison.

Despite these announcements, Stonewall has come out to defend Primark.

Image via Stonewall

In a statement, the charity said:

“When Primark decided to launch a summer Pride range we were proud and pleased that they approached us about a partnership. They want to work with us to help embed long-term, generational change for LGBT people in the UK and internationally.

“This funding will help us run programs that empower LGBT young people and marginalized groups within the community.”

It added: “This partnership with Primark will also support our international programs, which over the past 12 months have supported nearly 100 activists from across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and South Africa.

“We deliberately work with a wide variety of organizations, in countries across the world, to ensure that positive change can be a reality for every lesbian, gay, bi and trans person.

“Through our Global Diversity Champions program – of which Primark is a member – we work with organizations that operate in extremely difficult contexts.

“We give these organizations the tools to create workplaces that, despite the legislative landscape, are inclusive and supportive of LGBT people and LGBT equality. And through our Global Workplace Briefings, we connect them with local LGBT groups on the ground, wherever possible.”

h/t: Pink News

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